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The Easter that Wasn’t

Last weekend was Easter and Orton Mere was shut, I had pulled some muscles in my leg and was hooping round like Long John Silver minus the parrot.

Having said that looking at the weather we did not miss much I don’t think, in typical Easter tradition it was cold and wet.

I can never work out why Easter weekend weather is more often than not poor, I mean Easter moves on the calendar so how does it know?

This coming weekend is the three day diesel gala and I am looking forward to it, they are a funny bunch the diesel fans but the do spend money and areaways keen. Hopefully the weather gods will look favourably upon us.

The other route to Peterborough.

The large majority of people who have traveled on the railway will have gone between Orton Mere and Peterborough Nene Valley station.

However, I wonder how many people remember the old route at weekends before our Peterborough Nene Valley station was built.

A DMU used to travel between Peterborough main line station and Orton Mere. Here is a ticket from 1985 towards the end of the service running.

The fare was £1.20p these days it’s £5.00 return to our present station.

For a larger version please click on the ticket..

A number of people who visit the station ask why we don’t run into the city centre mainline station, and most seem surprised when I said we used to.

Did you ever travel the Fletton Branch to and from the City Centre? If so what do you remember of the journey, please leave your comments. Just click on the leave a reply button.

This is a picture of one of the DMU’s at Orton Mere.

It must be locals because it was not joined up writing.

Well on Saturday we we’re back at the station with the water reconnected.

On Sunday we arrived to be greeted by graffiti on three sides of the building with the east side the worse.

Now I have never got my head round why people put graffiti on buildings, some people call it art, I call it vandalism put and simple.

It’s more expense for the railway to get it cleaned off, and that expense comes from our income, you know that money that keeps the railway running and enables us to hire in nice locomotives for special events.

Now I could at this stage insert a few pictures of the material, but that would be showing off their work and I won’t do that.

So if you have worked out why people spray a wall with mis-spelt words that mean not a lot except to the idiots who put it on the walls then please let me know.

Water Water Everywhere, Just Not At The Station.

Well we were scuppered from opening today.

For those who know the station will be aware that the water supply to, and the sewage from the station run via the long closed toilet block in the car park.

Today when the wife and I arrived at the station we found when we tried to turn it on that we had no water.

Phil who does station maintenance turns up and after checking the normal suspects for frozen pipes etc. took a look at the toilet block.

Between Friday evening and Sunday morning (Today) somebody had obtained entry and stolen from the toilet block all the copper pipe.

So until that’s sorted with the council who own the toilet block then the station is closed.

I know there is a lot of what’s known as petty crime these days, but to go into a long closed toilet block and steal the piping is getting in my opinion a bit desperate.

I can open the station minus many things but water is not one of them, so here I am at home on a Sunday afternoon writing this Blog instead of awaiting final service.

Two things will appear on here, one will be updates and two will be me moaning about lack of progress. You are welcome to take bets on what will appear first.

Half a weekend.

This weekend we just opened Saturday.

The reason being that on Sunday morning I rapidly decided I was in official terms “Not fit for Duty.”

Just after Christmas as some of you will know I came down with a dose of something nasty, and to be honest I don’t think I am 100% recovered yet.

As on Saturday we had a dead day with about six people through the doors not counting the staff. I don’t think we missed much today, but having said that I would not have opened even if it had been a gala.

Lots of people I have known over the years have turned up for work when they shouldn’t have done so. It is foolish because in the long run you just feel worse for longer.

Take today for example at 9am I went back to bed and woke just after 1pm. I don’t normally do that just as normally I don’t do ill.

Hopefully I will be much better next weekend, we shall see.

One good thing from yesterday was that I got an excellent shot of the locomotive as it arrived at Orton Mere late. Actually it was the earliest it was late all day!

Here is the picture, taken on my iPhone X, and it shows I think why I don’t bother to carry a normal camera with me these days.

As always click on it for a bigger image.

If you look closely you will see the station mascot standing by the signal box waiting for the train to pass.

Now back to coughing and spluttering. It is not a pastime I really recommend.

Winter weekend.

We opened today and closed after the third of six services.

Darn cold would be an understatement, and we did not have a single customer to buy anything.

So knowing when to quit we called it a day, we will not be open tomorrow.

We should have terrible weather during the coming week, we are ordering the ice cream for the start of the year!!

Short blog because after all there are only so many ways you can describe rain and a biting cold wind.

I may have been a bit early.

Last Sunday saw me back at the station after a few weeks off suffering from the lurgi.

I was firing on 3 ¾ cylinders, but decided a bit of fresh air would do me the world of good.

I may have been a bit premature, I woke up on Monday feeling like the proverbial dogs dinner, had breakfast and went back to bed.

This was the wife reaction when I said I was not feeling too good again.

Whilst I have been ill Sue has been looking after me, I am not sure if she has been mothering me or smothering me!!

So hopefully I will feel OK for the excitement this coming Sunday. We shall see.

Other exciting news is that we have a few other types of coffee for the station staff from the Tassimo machine and now two different hot chocolate. All at 30p a pod. Normal free tea and coffee still available of course for working members. And I don’t class working as being the only thing you do is work at getting a free drink!!

One final bit of excitement was a bag of dog dirt by the station name sign on platform 1. I am going to have to declare war on dog owners, it will not be a pretty sight!!


Well it’s Thursday and here I am still down with the lurgi.

So Orton Mere will be closed on Saturday although of course the train service will still stop at the station.

Sitting here feeling quite terrible, and it’s costing me a fortune in screen wipes to get rid of what I am spluttering over the computer screens!

It’s fair to say I would not wish this on my worst enemy, that’s how bad it is!! Still I am sure we will get over it, but a Sunday freezing at the station would do nothing to help at all. Hopefully normal service will be resumed next weekend, we shall see.

So I will sit here now coughing sneezing and generally feeling miserable….

This is a good visual indication of how I feel

Good start to the year

Well that’s Christmas and New Year out of the way. The wife bought me a cordelss drill at Christmas so heaven knows what jobs she has planned for me over the coming months.

Tomorrow sees a steam service running, though how many visitors we get will very much depend on the weather. Unfortunately my station will be closed although the trains will stop. But the wife and I are down with a dose of the lurgi, and I am coughing enough to be mistaken for a misfiring engine. Hopefully normal service will be resumed next week all being well.

My target at home at the moment is to have a cull of my computer stuff, I have no room for anything and it’s really irritating me no end. I did say I would have a clear out when I retired at the end of November but at the moment I have one more computer than I did then, which was not the plan at all. So I can see that sometime next week when I no longer cough everywhere I will start the clear out and I think I will have to be quite ruthless..

We also have plans for a sort out at the station and perhaps a bit of a move round, so watch for progress on that at some stage.

Now to find a bit of paper and make a list of what I can get rid of…..

This could be at the station.

This is taken from

If you substitute the station for the car park mentioned and substitute a couple of other words. This could be Orton Mere Station at a typical weekend.

(A guy with a dog walks up to our car park.)

Guy: “Can I bring my dog in here so it can take a dump?”

Me: “Sorry, we can’t allow you to do that. Plus, you don’t even look like you’re carrying anything to clean up the mess.”

Guy: “No, I’m not carrying anything to clean it up so you’ll have to do that. My dog needs to go to the toilet. You’re not being very helpful here.”

Me: “Sorry, I’m just here to direct people to where they need to park.”

Guy: “Look, my dog needs to go to the toilet and I’m bringing it in.”

Coworker: “Look, you bloody moron. This is a car park, not a g**d*** toilet! Take your dog and piss off!”

Guy: “You are not being very helpful at all! ¬†I’m going to go and issue a complaint against you but after I bring my dog in here and let it do its business!”

Coworker: “You bring your dog in here and we’ll have you fined. This car park is located on government property and allowing a dog to go to the toilet carries a fine.”

Guy: “It’s people like you who are what is wrong with the world!”