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Another cold day


Today was another cold day, quiet as well which was surprising as we had some nice sunshine for most of the time we were open. Nice frost first thing though.

Lots of requests for the new timetables which we are still awaiting delivery of, but all were pointed in the direction of the railway web site and seemed happy.

Paddy provided cover with me today and as always he was in happy mode. I still don’t know how he does it!!

We just managed to get above freezing today and I never cease to be amazed at the number of men walking round in shorts or cut off trousers and trainers with no socks. The like the cold more than I do!! Saw one chap with his wife wrapped against he elements and he was in shorts and a t-shirt, I was lost for words.

Caught the last train to Ferry tonight so I could get the bus home, had a chat with Neville and Robert which rounded the day off nicely, always like a chat with them both, and I still miss working with them which I did during my first year on the railway.

Turned out cold again

Well another cold day at Orton Mere, though I am pleased to say not as cold as it has been.

A few people about and enough tickets sold to make it worth opening.

The wife and I retreated to the kitchen area each time we had no customers to huddle round the urn and two fan heaters. Having said that we had three requests for ice cream!!

Trains were almost on time and Matt the guard was his normal cheery self, I must remember to ask him how he is always so damn happy!! We certainly seem busier running a steam service in January rather than the DMU that we have run in the past.

S&T were down as well doing some signal work so nice to have a chat to them as well. Even had the sunshine try and make an appearance a few times.

Must have a big tidy up when I have a free day, the place is looking a tad untidy but no point in washing the floor in the current weather it would never dry.

Now a busy week ahead work wise and next Sunday to look forward to when I have Paddy with me again.

Porn on a Friday

Now now don’t get to excited, we have not had another topless model at the station.

I got notifications this morning that there were comments on blog entries to be checked before publication, actually they were five!!!

All linked to porn sites, This could be as hard work to keep out junk as it is getting rid of junk when runing forums.

Oh well back to dozing looking for inspiration for a new picture web site layout, plus must build up the excitement level for Sunday, the forecast is dull and cold!! Now where is my collection of unread books to take with me to the station?

Well that was not a bad day

Amazing the sun shone today, still darn cold but at least we had the sun!!

Highlight of the day was a chap first thing who drove his car right down the path to the public toilet entrance before getting out, would have been a challenge for anybody else to have got in the building with him parked there, heaven knows why he wanted to be so close in an otherwise empty car park.

Sold a few tickets and we had a regular trickle of visitors asking questions, and surprise surprise not a stupid question amongst them.

Nice to see Nigel and Sally who visited and confirmed a few dates for the ROTA. Even had a visit from Peter and Susan from PNVR.

Paddy was his normal self I am pleased to say, and the time passed quickly. Train was slightly late on all services but it would be strange if it actually ran on time!!!

All in all a good day….

All set for Sunday

Well I am pleased to say the snow has gone and all being well we will be open on Sunday.

Have Paddy with me this week and he will liven the place up, always happy, he makes me quite exhausted sometimes. He will arrive on his bike, his face glowing like the the red light on traffic lights, muttering the imortal words.. “Morning Arkwright!!”

The 4F will be providing the pulling power for the Mk1’s so all should be well with the world visitor wise. We just need to get people in and exercising their wallets.

I still need to get the doors onto the platform stripped and painted but it has not been the weather for such activities but hopefully that will get done soon, it’s a matter of finding a free day when the weather is right.

Weather permitting I will walk down to the station, I certainly need the exercise, and will have the camera with me so may get a few decent pictures.

Should you be passing Orton Mere on Sunday please pop in and have a chat. But bring some money with you!!!

Three Stations will be Closed 10th January 2010

I have taken the decision this morning to close OM, FM & PNVR tomorrow due to health and safety concerns. Wansford station and the Chairman have been informed.

The paths and roads around the stations are covered with sheet ice and are lethal and my first concern must be my station staff and their safety.

Unless we have major snow over night (Some more is forecast) then no doubt the trains will run but the stations will be unmanned.

Last Sunday at OM we did not get above -1c in the building and we can’t work in conditions like that.

Now I must admit I do feel guilty making that decision when no doubt the train crew will be there getting the locomotive ready for service at some early hour.

But my concern is the safety of my staff and that must take priority over manning the stations.

Old Arkwright

Blimey that was cold

Well just done a day at Orton Mere and it was one of the coldest I can remember, not exactly busy with only about 8 hot drinks done. Sue my wife helped me today and had to be surgically removed from the fan heater if a customer came in!! She was quite rightly not in the best of moods by the end of the day.

The 4F provided the steam power today, here is a shot of it arriving from City Centre on the second service of the day.

Towards the end of the day when it was getting dusk it was really cold, and there were people out and about with small children who looked as though they would rather be at home watching a cartoon. Instead they were sitting or standing shivering whilst their parents told them they would enjoy looking at the steam train, the look they were giving their parents suggested otherwise.

Some of the normal look but buy nothing brigade out as well, they have the ability to scatter if there is any danger somebody is going to talk to them.

Best part of the day was getting home into the warm, if we are going to do serious winter opening then we have got to look at proper heating and insulation in the stations.

Train seemed quiet on all services, we certainly did not do a ticket. Money wise a waste of time opening.

Now off to defrost!!!