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Hot air, cold ice cream and lot’s of nothing.

Typical Wednesday at Orton Mere, which reminded me why I don’t open unless I need to.

Delivery came early and had Nathan to trundle it up the platform for me to the guards van when it went out to the other stations, all done on the first train each way.

Then that was it, lot’s of nothing customer wise, in other words a typical Wednesday at Orton Mere. Sold a bit in the shop but nothing of note until a nice chap right at the end of the day spent £16 on second hand books, Nathan was beside himself with excitement, me I was just amazed!!

Spoke on the phone to Roger when I got home about the new signage for OM and looking forward to that going up, we are throwing caution to the wind and they will be fixed in place and not removable each night as had been planned, time will see if they last but I look forward to seeing them in place.

Photo will follow when they are put up.

Heat hot air and tumbleweed

Well the hottest day of the year today and touched 31c at the station. Like a ghost town for most of the day due to all the sport, the first train back to Wansford has 6 passengers on it when it left us.

Had Nathan with me today and we had time for a doze on the platform between trains sitting in the shade, kept topped up with fluids as well, which bit into Arkwright’s pocket!!

Highlights of the day:- Kicking two east European women off the station for track trespass as they decided the track was the best option for a route to Longueville junction. Amazing how they spoke perfect English when they came in to buy a bottle of pop but understood nothing when challenged about the track trespass.

Then whilst waiting for transport home I got shouted at by a woman because we were closed and there was no toilet, she said that if we had been open she would have barged past us to use the staff one!  Well being minus my tie and signed off I told her in no uncertain terms exactly what I though of her and her attitude and exactly what would happen if she had tried to barge past us. Her husband just stood there and when she walked off amazed that I stood up to her he apologised for her behaviour!

I used to think the local idiots used to sniff the sugar beet but now convinced it’s something in the water!!! Still I got rid of the woman her poor husband had to take her home with him. Personally I would have dumped her in the park, gone home and changed the locks!

More excitement on Wednesday!!!

Heat blame it on the heat!!!

Well today was to put it mildly hot, you may have noticed unless you were in a dark cave watching the tennis!

Steady flow of customers but we also had an unexpected party arrive for the first train who had worked out a price with Wansford, so they did the effort and I got the turnover! Then at the last minute we had a rush for returns on the last train to Peterborough, problem was we did not see them again! So either they continued to Ferry on the return trip as they originally planned and then decided against or they are wandering the platform at PNV.

Now actively chasing platform tickets and sold a couple of them today so that was an extra £4 in the pot that we would not have otherwise had which can’t be a bad thing.

Sue my wife was with me today and it’s fair to say she does not like the heat, mind you she does not like the cold either but there we are who can work out the complex workings of the female of the species.

First three services were on time and the last was only a little late so not bad overall. Funny enough there was some nice light for photography today and my main permanent lookers who is there most weeks was not seen all day.

Sally and Nigel also popped in and it was nice to see them, and hopefully they will be back on the ROTA as staff availability continues to be a problem.

Biggest competition we had today was from of course the Peterborough Festival, Wimbledon tennis and the F1 qualifying, tomorrow will be even worse with the Football on as well.

Still Nathan is with me tomorrow, and he is a keen lad if I keep off the subject of buses I should be fairly safe!!

Well it arrived, too late but it arrived

Today started as dismal as yesterday but at the last minute some sunshine arrived, too late to affect business though I am sorry to say.

Paddy was with me today, as cheerful as ever. How he always manages to be happy never ceases to amaze me.

Some nice customers as well and for the second day running all services were on time, Paddy and I are still recovering from the shock!!!

Had a clutch of our permanent lookers today, those who take photographs on a regular basis, and in one case on a weekly basis but never buy anything and never support the railway. I am now on the prowl for platform tickets and today sold a couple. I expect sales to increase in the next couple of months!!

Busy week ahead so no time to open the station building on Wednesday but no doubt next Saturday will soon appear over the Horizon.

Flaming June!!! Flaming Horrible!!!

Was today really a day in summer? Certainly not at Orton Mere where it was cold, dull, dismal and at times wet, if it had not been for the fact the rain was warm you could have been excused for thinking it was more like October.

The poor weather reflected in the sales and passenger figures, poor would be an accurate description.

Nathan was with me today and even he seemed to be quieter than normal. Tonight is the Steaming Blues event at Wansford and I have the feeling that hot drinks may be in demand.

As for Orton Mere, we will see what tomorrow brings.

There are more than just trains to see.

To those who are desperate enough to read this blog on a regular basis you will recall I spent part of last Saturday at Ferry Meadows station.

One of the things Ferry Meadows has is a nice range of flowers and quite often people will be more interested in photographing some of them rather than just the trains.

So here are a few of the flowers taken last Saturday.

flower 001 flower 002

flower 004 flower 005

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on the platform in the sunshine with the bees buzzing amongst the flowers eating lunch washed down with a bottle of pop!!

If you go down to the station today your in for a big surprise

The surprise being some travellers parked almost out of sight.

I lost count of the number of cars that came into the car park, spotted then and drove out again.

We opened today whilst keeping the option to close again if there was any sign of problems.

As it was nothing happened except that our temporary visitors kept the customers away.

Still that’s life as they say, did a couple of tickets, a few drinks some ice creams but that was it, I almost flattened the battery on my Smartphone which I surfed the internet on to keep me amused. Managed to keep up to date with email as well.

Nice customers came in as well but few of the regulars.

Next day we are open will be next Saturday and I bet the visitors are still there!!

An excellent day

Well I am pleased to say I had an excellent day on the railway, with Orton Mere closed due to for want of a better term visitors in the car park I went to spend some of the day at Ferry Meadows.

Also got up to the city centre on the first train to see the crew there and squeezed in a quick visit to Wansford as well.

But a really nice day with Neville and Robert, most enjoyable. Just like old times, and I arrived home fully relaxed.

There is a possibility our visitors have left so we may be open tomorrow, I will assess the situation tomorrow morning.

Unwanted visitors

Well we have travellers in the car park next to the station at Orton Mere, so it looks like I will be closed over the weekend, I won’t open with them  in residence.

So looks like I will have a holiday at another station this weekend!!

The sounds of silence

Well a dull humid day today and just 2 paying customers and that was in the shop.

Closed after the second train, would have been less hassle just to have chucked my bus fare into the pot.

Roll on Saturday.