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One day late

No not the train, though that’s possible!!!

We have sunshine and it’s wall to wall. Sign Bank Holiday is over and most people are back to work.

Oh well never mind!!

Well that’s bank holiday out of the way

Funny old Bank Holiday, not only was the weather undecided but so were the customers!

Quite a busy day today and a number of people about at the Mere. Some of them came and spent money as well.

A few families about where the husband looked as though they would rather be somewhere else, like in front of the TV watching sport!

Trains ran well with just one service late, but they made up the time so all ended OK.  Mixed traction is always popular as it appeals to both Diesel & Steam fans, though as always the loading of services showed steam by far the most popular.

Highlights of the bank holiday…..

The Second man today on the second service dropping the staff on the changeover with the signalman, why does it always happen when I don’t have my camera handy?

The idiot children yesterday trying to get onto the track and under the platform to go fishing,

Nathan digging the border he had previously dug when somebody stepped on it tutting away like an old hen guarding it’s territory.

The weather is now taking a autumn turn and feeling a bit cooler than it has been so autumn will soon be with use, or as a woman said to me today “From now on the rain will get colder”

A couple of days doing proper work and back down on Thursday for an evening delivery of new seating, it’s all excitement!!!!

There’s a feeling in the air.

Today felt like Autumn, there was a cold wind about.

Even though it’s the end of August people were wrapped up today, but when the sun was out they continued to buy ice cream, well those who were about did.

Unless tomorrow is exceptional then the stations will not be breaking any records this bank holiday.

The wife with me today and several regulars commented I was on my best behaviour!! Mind you she is the Boss I know that because she told me!!! Joking aside she looks after me at the station and keeps me stocked up with coffee and her sarnies are yummie.

Highlight of the day was a run in with four youngsters trying to get to the river by jumping onto the track and under platform 2. One seemed quite offended when I shouted at them for some strange reason. But they were pointed in the right direction and I must admit I did hope for at least an hour that one of them would fall in the river!!

Trains on time which is always nice and nice customers too which is always a bonus.

Paddy with me tomorrow so that should give me an interesting day!!

Nice people shame they did not travel!

Had some nice people in today asking about services over the bank holiday, shame they did not travel but hopefully they will be back tomorrow or Monday.

Weather was kind with just a shower at the end of the day, but we could have done with more customers. I wonder how many people travelled from Peterborough to Wansford to travel behind Thomas once for £6 when for £12 they could have done the whole line as much as they wanted and had more than one trip behind Thomas as well and travelled from their local station?

It’s been a funny unpredictable year so far with days we expected to do well end up disappointing and those where we did not expect much turning out to be excellent.

Without doubt people don’t have the money they did and it’s therefore vital that we give visitors a good day out and they leave happy that they have got good value for money. Otherwise they will not return again, we have only one chance of getting it right and if we fail then the person or persons concerned will not return and not recommend us to others, and both of these are very important.

Nathan was with me today and he was up and down the platform like a greyhound on steroids, the lad is certainly keen and loves chatting to the visitors, he is quite knowledgeable as well which helps, if only I could find the speed control and turn it down a bit.

Nice to see both diesel and steam running today and we have more of the same tomorrow, running a mixed service means we appeal to both steam and diesel fans.

So now a relaxing evening before round 2 tomorrow, have the wife with me on Sunday so will be on my best behaviour!!


The ark now approaching platform 1

Well OM was closed today, which was just as well as it poured with rain. The rain started late yesterday and finished here 27 hours later!!

Not really the August we need. Still everywhere now looks green rather than the colour of straw.

Been juggling with staff at OM & FM for the 1940’s weekend, steam weekend and the diesel gala. Got the later sorted but struggling with the first two.

Will leave panic mode until next week I think.

Hopefully will be dry over the bank holiday this weekend but as it’s a bank holiday I seriously doubt it.

Oh well we will have to see.


Turned out wet again

I was open today as a delivery was expected.

Nathan being a glutton for punishment was the poor soul helping.

Started off OK even did a few tickets but nothing exceptional which is what I expected.

Nice customers though including a guard off the big railway and his wife on holiday, had a nice chat with him before the train arrived.  Plus two carers with a disabled client who were a pleasure to chat to.

Delivery arrived as last week just too late to go on the second train to PNV so had to await the final service. Poor Sandy the guard looked quite bemused at the stuff going between stations but as always he was pleasant and ever helpful.

Right at the end of the day it started to rain and is still doing so as I write this, lovely weather for October shame it’s still August.

Next open August Bank Holiday you just watch it rain!!!

Is this a railway?

Certain things happen from time to time where you know that it will end up being one of those days.

Take today for example,As I walk towards the station building I spot some new Graffiti, and go and check the platform side to confirm there is nothing there. I get an excuse me from a woman looking over the fence, she then asks the fateful question:- “Excuse me is this a railway?” I was almost lost for words but uttered the only possible sensible answer and that was the single word “Yes” she replied “Good” and just walked off under the bridge not realising that she had broken the all time record for stupid questions asked at the station! If only she had known the fame and excitement she was turning her back on!!

Well the first crack pot of the day dealt with I went on and opened the station. The sun was shining, not too hot and not too cold what could possibly go wrong? Well the answer came in two words “Car Park” The powers that be decided not to open it so that meant 66% of the parking would be out of bounds. People were during the day parked everywhere, at times it was like a practice for wacky races.

Still we took money and people travelled, but I do wonder how many thought “Sod this for a game of soldiers” and went elsewhere.

Nathan was with me today and seemed bemused by the number of customers as it was the busiest day he has seen at the station. He is still having fun with the till, he has not realised that it is in fact female and needs a gentle touch. The problem is that at his tender age he is not wise about women so the till is somewhat of a black art!

Not exactly packed on the train but a fair few travelled, and except for a couple of people who had not mastered the words please and thank you they were generally nice.

Ice cream went out of the door as far as we could tell all paid for and money went into the till, what more could we ask for. Next day open will be Wednesday as I have to order some more goodies for the great and the good. Nathan is with me again, he is a glutton for punishment!

Just an average Saturday

A mixed service today plus a freight train first thing for good measure.

Before the first service we had a freight service to Peterborough, here is a picture of the class 14 on it’s way to Peterborough.


Here is a shot of the locomotive on the way back awaiting the arrival of the first passenger service of the day.


Day started off quiet but got a bit busier as the day progressed but nothing too exciting. The weather was far from ideal, it started off dull and very humid and ended up a bit damp.

The steam service was the 4F locomotive, here it is on it’s first run of the day.


Had both Nathan and Stephen with me today and Nathan has made a start on the bed along side the fence which he promises me will look excellent once finished. I await to be impressed.

Small run on ice cream today that seemed to coincide with the brief periods of watery sun that we had.

Have just Nathan with me tomorrow, the lad must be a glutton to do two days on the trot!

So standby for more excitement tomorrow!!!

Back to normal

Well as normal as anything is on the railway.

Steam back on the line today and this weekend sees a mixed service on both days.

Hop this will being in a few more passengers/customers.

What’s this open on a Tuesday

We were open today, I had a delivery expected hence being there.

Because the delivery can come at any time I was there for just after 9am and it promptly arrived at 1.10pm but that’s the luck of the draw. What it also meant was that the stuff for PNV had to wait for the 3.10pm service so I could just not service the stations with their stuff and go home.

Wife was with me today and the day was not exactly busy, however I took more in tickets today than I did all last weekend. But days can be like that. You can always tell a quiet day, the phone battery gets a hammering as we browse the net and answer emails to keep busy.

Nathan popped in for a natter before first service and was promptly sent to Ferry with some poly cups they were in need of.

He arrived back on the second service just as the delivery arrived  and helped get the stock in, now young Nathan can at times due to his keen nature to help be a bit of hard work, but I must say he got the delivery in quickly and the hardest thing the driver had to do was bring the paperwork to be signed.

Then it was just a case of awaiting the last service and home via Ferry Meadows and the local bus service.

Next day open is Saturday, I await with interest as hopefully we will have steam running again.