Monthly Archives: November 2010

Defeated by the cold

I was hoping to go down to the station today to photograph the trains, but it is just too cold.

Woke up to –6.9c and I doubt if it will go above freezing all day so too risky putting on the water at the station.

Oh well plenty of other Santa runs this year!!

Staying in the warm.

Getting in the mood….

Sunday sees the first of the 2010 Santa trains, and to get in the mood here are a few shots of previous years.

100_0069a  100_1415

100_3645  100_3646

The bookings are looking good with many trains already full.

I will be doing a bit of work down at Orton Mere on Sunday so will take a few shots as it passes through, weather of course permitting!!

It all starts on Sunday

This Sunday sees the first of the Santa services running.

Hopefully I will be out at one of the stations to photograph the event, weather permitting of course as we are forecast to have possible snow, mind you a bit of light snow would really set the scene if the sun also made an appearance.

Sunday is also my birthday so a few nice pictures will make the day especially as I will be using a new compact camera I bought for the first time in earnest. Will take the old one as well so that I can compare the two.

I am being interfered with!!

Normally I use a Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard on the main computer and of late it has been playing up intermittently. They operate on 27MHz frequencies.

When it happened today I had a listen with my scanner and was greeted by a very strong wide band buzzing. It is nothing in my house emitting it.

So to preserve what little sanity I have left I have switched back to a wired keyboard and a wired optical mouse. All appears well again.

That was my bit of excitement for the day.

Never let it be said I don’t have my share of excitement.

It’s been a strange weekend

It’s been a strange weekend, today especially not being at the station.

Been tinkering round clearing junk files off the computers and software I never use. If I get time this week I will pop down and check all is OK, but it will as always seem very strange without any stock on display.

Still plan to move stuff round this next couple of months just now need to decide when.

Going down!!!

There are some days when you know that when you hear as few as six words or see them in an email that a project will shortly be dead in the water.

Today was one of those days!!!!

Anybody got a life Jacket?