Daily Archives: 23rd January 2011

Two here and two there

Well a quiet day today. Because of Neville not being well I went down to Ferry Meadows to run there with the help of Meg.

I put Stephen and Nathan at Orton Mere and I am pleased to report they had a fairly event free day.

All stations were quiet, we had the Polish Tank locomotive in service today.


Here it is arriving at Ferry Meadows on the first service back to Wansford.

The platform shows how packed we were.

Mind you it was darn cold day, the kind of cold that penetrates and chills you through.

A few funny looks from the crew and staff on the train when it first arrived from
Wansford, Mind you I often get funny looks so that was nothing new.

Very quiet between services, gave the battery on the Blackberry a good hammering surfing the net and catching up on email.

Back at Ferry Meadows next week, hopefully it will be a bit warmer than this week, Either I am getting more delicate or I am
feeling the cold more in my old age, I am not sure which.

Busy week ahead so onwards and upwards and all that and prepare myself for an exciting day next Sunday at Ferry Meadows.