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A good start to the bank holiday

Today was an interesting day though not too busy either passenger or shop wise.

Helped today by Nathan who I must say is great dealing with customers and apparently as I was told today makes a mean cup of tea!

Can’t say there were any busy periods we just flowed through the day, Nathan had to go and visit Wansford so had David with me who looks after the ticketing side of the railway, he left shell shocked at the earliest opportunity, though it was nice to have an extended chat with him rather than through a carriage window when a train is in the platform.

Some really nice people in today including some early escapees from the setting up of Truck Fest at the showground.

It was un-nerving to have another bank holiday weekend with sunshine, though there was a chilly breeze.

Highlight of the day occurred whilst waiting for the last service when you young boys came trotting down the track from Longueville Junction. They were spoken too and one of the parents called, grandparents were called and both boys departed with them, the grandparents were nice people and not happy about the trespass. Youngsters don’t realise the dangers of going on a live railway, I have a feeling these two wont be repeating their experience in a hurry.

A good day as it always is with Nathan, he is a pleasure to work with. As I said the day flowed, lets hope tomorrow flows as well.

Not exactly rushed

Quiet day today as Wednesdays normally are. Had Brian with me and we had three spurts of activity. The first was the arrival of the delivery, the second was getting stuff on the train for PNV and the third was getting the stuff on for Ferry Meadows.

Nice to see Russ on the train as well today.

Shame the station did not face the other way we could have worked on our tans.

Next day of excitement will be Saturday when I have Nathan with me.

Just to show there was life here is the train arriving first service back to Wansford.


See it’s all excitement!!

That was the week that was

Well that’s Easter week out of the way, seven days without a break!!

I must admit I am shall we say past my peak.

Good day today had Colin with me, he normally waves a flag but volunteered to help me as I was missing cover for today.

Steady customer and passenger wise, but not enough gaps in the flow to have much of a sit down and rest.

We ended the day with 5 mini milks left out of a full freezer on Friday morning, amazingly people were coming in at 4pm today and seemed genuinely amazed we had almost nothing left. A couple of people asked if we had some more out the back, as though we hid them rather than sold them!

Nice people in today and Colin was happy to chat and separate out the genuine from the non-traveller which made my job of selling tickets nice and easy.

The sun certainly put people in a good mood this Easter and that made the weekend a pleasure.

Highlight of the week I have saved up from Wednesday, just after I opened a woman and her husband and two children came in, they were off for a walk down the river, though why they thought they should start it from a railway station escaped me! She said they were off walking along the river and then said she was worried the children might fall in. So she asked me if there were phones along the bank to phone the Coastguard if they did indeed fall in. Keeping a straight face I said no there were not any phones. She said she would have to keep a special eye on them in that case. Off they went and as there were no sounds of splashes all day I presume they little darlings remained dry.

So now Tuesday off then in Wednesday as we are running and I will have an order coming in to replace the stock sold at the weekend. Can’t even have a lie in tomorrow as I must telephone the order through early.

But now off to bed to recover,

More of the same

Another good day today with the locals out and about, though not as busy as I would have liked.

Trains ran well and as always the steam was by far the more popular.

Had Sue with me today though she was not feeling well and I am sure she did not really enjoy the day.

Running tomorrow (Monday) the last day of the Easter services. If all runs on time I think it will be a new record for the railway!

Early night tonight after doing some proper work when I got home and had consumed my tea.

Ready for what tomorrow brings.

What a difference a day makes!!

Now the keen amongst you will have read my blog for yesterday and how I shall we say commented on the manners of some dog walkers.

Well developments…… One of my shall we say lesser mannered dog walkers came in today and uttered the immortal words “I read your blog last night, may I have some water for my dog please?”

He was pointed in the direction of the dog bowl while I went for a sit down to recover!!

Now today I had Paddy with me and as always he was chipper all day, he must knacker himself out just being happy.

It was an excellent day with some nice customers and passengers, most enjoyable compared to yesterday. Trains were almost on time but close enough for it not to matter.

In simple terms the day just flowed. Steady trade  though I must admit it started quiet and overall good figures for the day.

We will see what Easter Sunday brings, though it wont be Easter eggs as the one I was bought I ate earlier in the week!!

One little word makes all the difference

Now I must admit I have touched on this subject in the past but as it’s something that irritates me greatly I think I will touch on it again.

Why is it that dog walkers think they have a god given right that we should have a bowl of water out for there 4 legged furry turd generators, and that they do not need to say please or for that matter thank you.

Not many things irritate me but the lack of basic manners does especially with dog walkers, many are nice well mannered people but many others are down right ignorant and lack even the most basic concept of manners. Just because they have a dog does not mean that we will go all soppy eyed when they bring their mutt onto the station especially if it’s just been in the river and smells like a mixture of grannies bed socks and swan droppings. They then go into sulk mode if the bowl is not out and full. Some demand the bowl and when they lack the manners to say please then they can whistle into the wind. Before anybody comes up with the crap about them being customers I should point out that 99% of dog walkers and 100% of the dogs themselves never buy anything all they want is a freebie for their precious turd generator.

Right I feel better after that and wont venture into the realms of the cyclists who can’t be bothered to remove their arse from their saddle when they come onto the station I will save that for another time.

Today I had young Jason with me and the lad is a worker, still not found his vocal on/off switch but we can ignore that as he is excellent with the general public, especially the dull and the dim.

Took money today but not exactly busy, but we have 3 more days yet and if we don’t sell out of the majority of our ice cream providing the weather holds then I am Chinese.

Paddy is with me tomorrow so that will guarantee a good day staff wise, and hopefully the dog walkers will all stay at home out of the sun.

Not only do pretty boy and Fireman Sam get an early bath but the loonies are out early as well.

Well you just know it was going to be an entertaining day when a woman came in first thing and said the ice cream was too cold for her little soldier and he liked it slightly warmer, I was tempted to offer to put it in the microwave but decided she may not appreciate that.

And still they come – are these the train times he asked pointing to the time board? No was my answer they are ancient Fenland markings written by wise men!! He left with a timetable leaflet!!

Brian was with me today and the above excitement happened before he got there, so by the time he arrived I was already on the Pepsi Max and the tablets!!

Quiet day ahead we thought with no more excitement, but I was wrong, Peter rang me from Peterborough with the sound of joy in his voice as he informed me that Matt “Pretty Boy” and the fireman had both been given an early bath under the water tower. There was unlimited joy in his voice as he told me.

As I am a great one for care in the community I did give them a cleaning cloth each to use when they passed going back to Wansford. Pretty Boy said it would more than cover his blushes, mind you that might depend on which side of the footplate you were standing I suppose.

By the last service they were dry again and there is I am told no truth in the rumour that on the second service the whole train got off at Peterborough to see if there would be a repeat performance.

Thus ended the most entertaining day of Easter so far, I await tomorrow which is Good Friday with baited breath.

Tales of the river bank

The keen amongst you who have recently been to Orton Mere will have noticed the works going on the other side of the river from the station. This includes work on the bank itself and also creating some moorings.

Well as it was a super day today I nipped across and took a couple of pictures of the work in progress.

CIMG0497   CIMG0498

As you can see it is quite a project, and I gather should be completed sometime in June.

At the station itself it was a super day weather wise but not as busy as I would like, but we have to make allowances for the fact that most women will take their children to Ferry Meadows where there is a play area etc. rather than to the Mere, I hope for an excellent weekend if the weather holds.

Had an ice cream delivery today for the stations so hopefully we will sell most of the stock by the end of the weekend.

Brian was with me today and comes back for round 2 tomorrow.

Well the sun is here what about the passengers?

Had Nathan and Stephen with me today. Not as busy as I would have liked I must admit and it was a super day weather wise. Most unusual to have it so nice in the run up to Easter, you watch us have snow at the weekend!!!

In answer to the request from Nathan mention must be given to the moss. Over on platform was a small clump of moss that just looked like dog dirt, so Nathan was given the task of clearing it. Like to good lad he is he went over with a bucket of water ready to do battle, the look on his face when he realised what it was really was a joy to behold and captured on camera as the picture below shows.


Sold a couple of tickets and a bit in the shop, had a chat to some nice people as well, so not a wasted day, we will see what tomorrow brings….


Ready…..Steady……Well go on then……

Today was one of those days that held great promise, you know like on your birthday when you got given a box that should have contained a toy soldier, but when you opened it the box was empty, you then saw the contents were a Action Man Deserter!!!

It all boiled down to the weather, when the sun shone we had customers but when it was dull they all went away and I am sorry to say it was more often dull than it was sunny.

Normally I would expect to take twice as much in tickets as I do in the shop, well today I took almost 50% more in the shop than I did in tickets which is most unusual.

The trains were not as busy as I hoped though nice to see a good number enjoying the ploughman’s and the cream teas on the services where they were available.

Highlight of the day was a woman who asked the wife if trains were running as one arrived at the station making so much noise that Sue could not hear what the question was!!

Had a few people look at the timing board outside and then ask the time of the next train, I reckon it would make no difference if I left the board blank as it seems to be something that is fiction rather than fact!

One worrying fact today was that again the trains ran to time, this is getting worrying, the railway has spent years perfecting late running and now all that time appears wasted as we are getting the times right!

Lot’s of timetable collectors today including one gem where a chap asked me if the timetable leaflet contained the times of our trains. I was so tempted to say no!!!

We are running from Tuesday this week for the following seven days as it’s Easter so hopefully we will have good weather and take a bit of money, mind you I have seen snow at Easter before so we shall see how it goes….

Watch this space for details of the bunnies that come in the station who should be culled!!!