Daily Archives: 2nd May 2011

Knicker Elastic and flying black nuts

Today was unusual in that I single manned Orton Mere on a Bank Holiday Monday, mind you I was beside myself with excitement at the prospect so perhaps there were two of me there really.

Not busy I am relieved to say just steady and the day lived up to my expectations for a bank holiday Monday.

Had a lot of the regulars in to provide a bit of amusement and they did not disappoint. Plus some nice visitors to the area as well.

Wall to wall sunshine almost but a biting cold wind which I am sure contributed to keeping the numbers down.

Nathan and Stephen were travelling as passengers on the first train and here is a shot of them as the train arrived at Orton Mere


As you can see they were enjoying the simple pleasures of train travel.

Other than that an uneventful day, but most enjoyable, weirdoes of the day included a couple who were coming to buy an ice cream then the sun went in and they changed their minds, only to change them again when the sun came out again and actually buy a couple.

As for the title of the blog, and the connection it has with today that would be telling and we can’t have you all as wise as me can we!!!