Daily Archives: 8th May 2011

Shower caps, double heading and local muggings

Now the regular readers of my blog will remember the exploits of Pretty Boy who keeps having an early bath when filling the loco with water at City Centre.

Well the staff at City Centre have noticed that Matt a.k.a. “Pretty Boy” is the only loco crew member who takes shower gel with him when he does the water. This we believe is so the poor lad can save money on his water bill at home.

Peter and his daughter Susan who run PNV station in the city centre aware of his plight and equally aware that he hates getting his hair wet decided to come to his aid. So Matt got presented with a shower cap today by Peter. Here is a picture of Matt on the loco arriving at Orton Mere wearing the cap to keep his hair dry as showers were forecast.


Rumour has it that Matt thinks the colour of the cap goes with his eyes, personally I thought if that was the case then the cap should have been bloodshot red!!

But that was not the only bit of excitement today, never let it be said that we just do the odd bit of excitement, oh no we can push the boat out at times.

On the second service the steam loco had been giving problems, and there is no truth in the rumour that Matts makeup mirror had cracked and the crew thought they would have seven years bad luck.

So the class 14 double headed with the steam loco, and that’s a rare combination with steam and diesel double heading.

Here is a picture of them arriving at Orton Mere.


Once we had that excitement out of the way we concentrated on mugging the visitors for their money and considering the numbers we had we were quite successful.

Brian was with me today and he is getting a dab hand at using the urn, so good that I don’t think he will have to go on the advanced course for it’s use.

There ended a day that whilst not that busy was a darn sight busier than yesterday, but having said that the only way we would have been able to do worse than yesterday would to have stayed closed.

Now for a few days of proper work!!