Daily Archives: 11th May 2011

The end of an era

Today on the railway we came to the end of an era, the Class 40 left the railway.

Around 8.30 a class 31 arrived to take it off the railway and just before 9.30 it left.

Here is a picture of the class 30 at the platform at Orton Mere and also one of it on it’s way back towing the Class 40.

CIMG0528   CIMG0531

It was strange not seeing the late owner Gerald sticking his head out of the cab with a friendly wave as it went past.

Anyway, here are a few shots of the locomotive I have taken in the past around the railway.

ac14   ac05

ac06   ac08

ac09   ac11

ac01   ac13

Nice to see a few of the younger members there to see the locomotive off.

It is the end of an era! Though of course it is the start of a new one, and hopefully we will have in the future more resident locomotives both steam and diesel to attract the visitors.

I closed after the first normal service train went back towards Wansford, it was to say the least quiet, and the lack of sunshine and a few spots of rain did not help in the slightest either.

We await the weekend with interest as it will be a mixed traction service and we have a Class 66 for the day to be named on Saturday and it will also be pulling a service for us as well.