Daily Archives: 15th May 2011

A predictable day

Well when I arrived at the station it was wall to wall sunshine and by the time of the first train it was wall to wall cloud.

So it was very easy to predict that it would not be a day to shatter any station records.

4F and class 31 running today, and here is a picture of the class 31 on first service back to Wansford.


The clouds in the background show what super weather we had.

No real outstanding incidents except a couple who cycled up onto platform 2 and I asked them to please not to, she then appeared to either film or take a picture of us. Most strange, but it takes all sorts.

A few of the locals ventured out but not enough to make the day a success in any way shape or form.

Jason was with me today and always he was helpful to the visitors and myself.

To sum up not a day that will go down in history for takings, but it was still enjoyable.