Daily Archives: 21st May 2011

I have a mean streak!!

Nathan with me today and it was nice and steady business wise.

Highlight of the day goes to a chap who walked into the building and asked Nathan for a toilet, Nathan referred him to me as we have no public toilets, though we have a staff one.

My reply to him was a categorical NO. We do not have public toilets and I will not be a toilet cleaner for the general public, it was obvious that what he wanted to do could not be done behind a bush. Well he kept arguing the toss for a few minutes and when he finally decided I would not budge he called me mean!!! Now I have been called many things and many have even doubted my parentage over the years but I have never been called mean by a grown man. I was half expecting him to stamp his foot, but we did not have that to witness.

I don’t really know how I kept a straight face to be honest, and Nathan and I chuckled over it for the next couple of hours.

The fact is that the public toilets in the car park have been closed almost 2 years and the only way to get them opened again is to complain to the council. I would guess less than 1% of people have done so. Coming up to the station and acting like a child will not get them open again. Plus to top it he never once said please!!!!

After that everything else was quite normal through the day!

Tomorrow sees Thomas on his big adventure and it also sees the second service from Wansford terminate at Orton Mere. As usual there will be a number of people who think it is going into town, there are signs stating the change at the stations, but as anybody who has ever worked with the public knows they never read signs!