Daily Archives: 22nd May 2011

Thomas’ Big Adventure

Today was the event of the month on the railway and for lots of children the event of the year.

It was Thomas’ Big Adventure, the once a year trip Thomas makes up the line.

Sue was with me for the first half of the day together with Paddy, it was an interesting combination. Then Jason turned up going round as usual like a terrier on speed. Followed by Sally & Nigel. The last time we had so many staff in the station was when we had a BBQ a few years ago. But it was really nice to see them all.

Thomas passed through bunker first a few minutes late towards Peterborough, here is a picture of him approaching the west end of my platform 2.


After the excitement of that we awaited the second normal service of the day which terminated at the station. It arrived late and with great speed they ran round, here is the 4F just running round and coming down platform 2


The locomotive was driven by our membership secretary Bill who despite the fast run round did not even break into a sweat. Here is Mr Cool shortly before departure.


Once the second service had departed for Wansford we all awaited the return of Thomas, this time running the right way round. As always Sue my wife entered into the spirit of things and here she is with the essential Tomas fan kit of flag and badge. This kit is available at all stations!!


As you can see behind her some of the visitors were getting ready to photograph Thomas. Here he is below running through my platform 2 on his way back to Wansford.


Then it was all over and everybody disappeared before they could be mugged for any more money.

Now I know your wondering if there were any bum shots of the day, well there was one…… Here it is and I must admit I have I think caught Belinda’s best side!!!


It is a true bum shot!

After the excitement of the Thomas trip there was just Paddy and I left. I could say the rest of the day passed without anything interesting happening, but that would not be totally correct. We had a regular flow of some really nice people come in the station and it made for a pleasurable day. Nobody accused me of being mean, mind you nobody demanded a toilet either. Highlight of the afternoon was an idiot trying to do wheelies on his bike on platform 2, Paddy was out of the station door like a rat up a drain pipe and the offender was left in no doubt as to his bad ways!

All in all one of the most pleasant days of the year so far.

I am not opening the station building on Wednesday even though we are running a service so the next day of action will be next Saturday at the start of yet another bank holiday.

We will see what excitement next weekend brings.