Daily Archives: 23rd May 2011

The swing swung the other way

I remembered I had not mentioned on here an incident that occurred a couple of weeks ago that I was telling Nathan about on Saturday.

On the Sunday I single manned two women came in the station holding hands, I thought nothing of it after all they could have been holding hands to support each other as they had been mugged for money at the station before.

Anyway one said to me “I hope you don’t mind us holding hands because we are very much in love”

“Not at all” I replied “I am a lesbian myself”.

“Your not!!” she said

“I am” I replied

“What makes you think your a lesbian?” she asked

“Easy” I said “I love women”

The both burst out laughing, spent over £35 in total and travelled on the train.

I presume they were well behaved on the train as neither of the TTI’s looked as though they had been educated!!

Two super people they were and they have promised to return again.