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The joys of working from home

My previous post prompted me to sit down and think of the problems encountered when working from home.

I have worked from home for over ten years and it never ceases to amaze me at the number of interruptions that can happen.

They can range from telephone calls from people offering me the latest way to save money, (I often think the best way would be to get rind of the phone and save on the rental). To people knocking the door who always deny trying to sell you something and then proceed to try and do so. Gas, electric and dodgy phone providers are top of the list.

If I wanted to change supplier then I would do so and the fact I haven’t is a good clue that I don’t want to, some spotty individual at the door with an unreadable I.D. card round their neck smelling of that latest stuff being advertised on TV is not in any way going to persuade me to change my mind. Next time you get a person flogging gas just ask them what the calorific value per thermal unit of their gas is, that will sort out the men from the boys!

The ones selling telephone services are especially vomit inducing, they often open their spiel with the immortal phrase “I can save you money” How the hell can they claim that when they don’t know what services I have? When I say I am with BT for my landline and broadband they look at me as though I am weird. The reason I am with them is simple, they provide the service I want and it just works, I want no more! Banging on to me about how super their company is and how poor BT is will not make me change my mind at all. The first rule of selling is NEVER SLAG OFF THE COMPETITION!

I remember one smarmy individual who, when I opened the door said “Virgin sir?” My reply was “No mate not after 25 years of marriage” I then shut the door.

Now I appreciate that they are just trying to make a living, but do they have to be so anal when they do it?

A few years ago we had a regular at the door selling electric, in a year he called eight times and during those times he was selling on behalf of seven different companies. Each time he had the best deal, I am sorry but any shred of credibility he had went right out the door by the second or third call.

Late one afternoon I had one charming individual at the door who was most abusive when I told him I was not interested in his super product, come to think of it I never did learn what he was selling. It was pouring with rain at the time and I suggested he find himself a better job, he said he bet his job was better than mine! My reply was in that case why am I working in a nice warm room with a hot coffee and he is standing in the rain getting wetter by the minute? His face was a picture, mind you he could have done with hanging!

Now we also have the leaflet distributors, now these are most annoying when you are waiting for something in the post, every time you hear the letter box you go and see if what your expecting has arrived to be greeted by yet more leaflets for takeaway food, last year we had over 500 through the door in total.

They seem to be distributed by East Europeans who most likely can’t even read the leaflet and don’t realise they are being exploited and are no doubt working for peanuts in all weather doing nothing more than help shrink the stock of trees.

Right enough of this rambling, back to work for me at least until then next knock at the door or ring of the phone.


The joy of searching web sites

I do love searching web sites with their search facility.

Just looked at a book companies web site and entered “working from home” into the search box.

What results did i get?

Well I got two books suggested the first was the Big Book of Knowledge, and the second was Nude Photography!

The mind boggles.

Right back to the drawing board.

If I get much more desperate I will have to resort to Google, and often if I use that by the time I have got passed the sponsored results I have lost the will to live!!

Oh for the days of 300 baud modem connections and just plain text…