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still in the land of the living

Well here I am still in the land of the living.

Couple of weeks ago to add to my problems I twisted my right knee so was horizontal for almost a week. The fact that the wife and I had a visitor come to stay the day I did it did not help!

Working on a new project for the railway at the moment and the GM and I have set the requirements, so really looking forward to that. Before you ask details will be released as to what the project is nearer the time.

Had young Jason pay me a visit yesterday he is like a dog with two trees as he is going to have a go at being a cleaner on the steam locomotives. It is I think important that as a volunteer you do what you enjoy and are capable of doing, and it was nice to see his enthusiasm at the prospect of doing something new. I must admit that’s how I feel about my new project.

Watch this space as they say.

It has been a good weekend

It’s been a good weekend. Not being at the railway how was I to amuse myself?


Saturday saw me beavering away on the computer with egg sandwiches and a nice glass of orange squash listening to England win at cricket.

Sunday saw me have a lie in, followed by a nice Sunday lunch with my wife and my mother (That’s two different people by the way just for those who think Sue mothers me!!)

Followed by coffee and home made cake topped off with cheese sandwiches with Wensleydale cheese and bread I had baked at lunch time.

Progress has been made on the Grumblemere project as well.

All in all a most enjoyable weekend.

I recommend it!!!!

All change at Orton Mere

I have today tendered my resignation as Station Master at Orton Mere with immediate effect.

The days there are not helping my leg get better and I have now damaged my right knee, this will keep me off the railway anyway for a couple of months at least.
So I think it’s the time to call it a day. I wont be leaving the railway totally as I plan to return next year and work on the archive side of the railway as the history of the line interests me greatly.

I am far from happy leaving in the middle of a critical year for the railway, but as you will appreciate my health must come first.

So the blog will be taking a little rest until I am back on the railway again next year.

Thanks to all who have provided feedback for the blog it has always been appreciated

A day with the chuckle brothers

Without doubt the best day and the best weekend of the year business wise. Sunday was a day that grew on the success of Saturday.

Had Paddy & Jason with me today and we were busy most of the day, constant stream of customers & passengers and I am pleased to say not one problem.

Really enjoyable and the train even ran to time as well.

Not able to be at the railway until next weekend due to other commitments, but looking forward to it already.

Well they came we took the money and they went.

Excellent day today with lots of tickets sold for Thomas’ big weekend.

Trains nice and full and they almost ran to time as well.

Sally and Nigel back and the station with me today and it was nice to have them back in the fold. We all worked well as a team and made sure ALL visitors were spoken to.

Even a short shower mid-afternoon did not dampen things.

Can be summed up in three words “Damn good day”.

If tomorrow is as good and I am sure it will be then I will be a happy man.

Change of timetable for the Thomas Big Weekend.

Due to problems with locomotive availability this weekend there is a changed timetable.

There are still six services each way but the first is earlier and the last later.

The new timetable can be found here in .PDF format


Please note that there is free parking at Orton Mere and the station will be open from 9am.

Old Arkwright

If you go down to the station today…. you may get wet.

Lovely weather today for March, shame it’s August!!

Wet and dismal all day would best describe it. Nathan and I put the world to rights dealt with the few customers we had and the day flowed along (Excuse the pun)

It wont go down in the history of the railway as the best day in August but a few people were about so all was not lost.

Timetable has been changed for the weekend, so that will be fun for the people who still have the old one that was originally planned. Still we will muddle through no doubt in the end.

Busy day Friday but not on the railway, then we shall see what Thomas’ big weekend brings.

A days holiday!!!!!

When Peter at the city centre station asked me if I would like to go and give him a hand today as his daughter Susan had to go and see a man about a dog as they say. I jumped at the chance.

PNV station is one I have never worked. Susan was going to be there at the start and end of the day so I went to Ferry Meadows and caught the first service up.

Whilst waiting at Ferry I handed out a few timetables and gave out information as it was unmanned today. Had some nice chats and it passed the time waiting for the first service.

I expected except for when the train was in a quiet day at PNV and partly I was not disappointed. Except for the small fact some local low life set fire to the hedge the other side of the tracks from the platform. The other side of the hedge is a public footpath and it was from there the dead was done.

Here is the fire in full flow before the quick arrival of the fire brigade.


One has to wonder what kind of idiot would do such a thing! But it often seems in the city we are sometimes over run with entries for the position of village idiot.

For those who have never visited here is a picture of the city centre station, if you look carefully you will Spot Peter, looking the other way without a care in the world!


All stations function differently and it was nice to do a day at PNV and I hope to do a few more in the future.

Back to my own station on Saturday, providing I can find some staff for Saturday.