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Nudge Nudge Wink Wink.. A little something for the weekend Sir?

Well we have a service at the railway this Sunday and I must admit I am looking forward to it.

Hopefully the weather will be good, but as I am an atheist I suppose praying to the gods for sunshine is out!!

Only three services each way but at least it should be steam which will get a few out of the woodwork.

Plus as we are now running on new timetables it’s a fair bet somebody will turn up at the wrong time and also we will have a regular stream of people we only see each February who must just have a copy of the years timetable, they never of course travel but their year would not be complete without collecting one.

Now I am sure that many of you reading the title of this post will have expected something rude or smutty, well sorry to disappoint but if you want a bit of smut come and spend some money on Sunday when the locomotive is at the station there will be more than enough smuts for everybody!!

A sign of old age perhaps?

For most of the evening I have been using the lap top and I plugged a memory stick into the USB port on the side so I could access some files on it.

Well switched to the main desk top machine and out of habit spent a few minutes trying to plug the memory stick into the non-existent USB port on the side of the keyboard!!!

Sue reckons it’s a sign of old age!!!

Promises, just promises

Now I can just imagine you sitting there thinking “What’s the silly sod on about now?”

Go on admit it, that’s what your thinking.

Well as the vet said to the cow “I will put you out of your misery”

When I said i was taking over the station again, which I will admit at the start of the year was not my intention. A few people said “If you want cover then just let me know”.

Well Monday will see those promises to the test as I will be sending out the ROTA list for February and March. No call me cynical if you like but as soon as the list goes out I will sit back and await the excuses coming in.

Now I am a great believer that you should only promise something if you genuinely think at the time that you will be able to keep that promise.

Watch this space as they say for the replies to flood in, and I am willing to be anybody a fiver that as always I will struggle to find cover at the station.

You can’t educate stupid

I just had an email from somebody saying as my mobile is not on how could they contact me, I suggested email and sent it back

Murder is an option!!!

Sitting here nursing a dose of the lurgi I thought back to a station visitor last Sunday, I wont call them a customer because they bought nothing and to the best of my knowledge in the last six years never have.

She stood and read the poster I have up saying there are no public toilets on the station. Then she walked up to me and uttered the immortal words “Do you have any toilets?”.

Now strangulation would at that stage been a tempting option but it would have got messy especially from the paperwork aspect and blood is a bugger to clear off the platform as it tends like dog crap to get everywhere.

So she got the only possible alternative and that was the single word “NO”. I have long since given up giving them the details as to how the local council closed the ones in the car park, they said it was to save money, but personally I don’t think they could give a toss to be honest.

Now I appreciate you can rarely educate stupid as they say but did she think in the 5 seconds between reading the notice and speaking to me we would have been able to build a toilet?

I have this feeling in my water (Excuse the pun) that yet again the lack of bogs is going to feature largely in the excitement of the day to day life of the station.

I mean if a clearly worded notice makes no difference then what will. short of just shooting them on sight or just shrugging my shoulders and then handing them a bucket and a bog roll!!!


The warmest it’s been cold for days

It was not as cold today I am pleased to say. Not that you could call it warm by any stretch of the imagination.

Had both Sue the wife and Jason with me today, Jason’s parents picked him up and confirmed my suspicions, he has no on-off switch!!

Still always an enjoyable day when Jason’s there, his enthusiasm is catching.

Peter & Susan travelled from the station today and as always nice to see them as well. Plus to round off the visitors Paddy turned up as well.

Only excitement of the day was a chap who got off took a picture and tried to get back on when the train started to move, one shout was enough and he had to wait for it to come back from PNV to re-join it. Amazingly I don’t think he thought he was trying to do anything wrong or dangerous. He got no sympathy from me when he moaned.

City of Peterborough was in steam today and here is a picture of it approaching the station first service back to Wansford.


Not one of my best pictures by any means but it shows the remnants of the frost nicely.

No services now until 5th February but I hope to get down there a couple of times to fine tune the place and get it back to a state I am happy with.

Back to normal

Well as normal as anything ever is!!

Back at the station today, we were not running a service but the civils were there and the station painting was due to be completed.

Cold and sunny would best describe the day at a shade under –4c when I arrived at the station.

Here you can see the frost at the station looking westwards.


Not as frosty as it has been but certainly colder than I would have liked.

Here is the view eastwards from the station building.


The civils arrived fashionably later they had a class 14 locomotive today and for those keen readers here is a shot of it at the station.


Not I must admit an inspiring locomotive to look at but the class does have it’s followers.

I was assisted today by Nathan with his better half in tow, he was as keen as ever!!

Pleased to say the painting was finished and except for some last minute tidying up we are ready to roll for the first service on Sunday. I don’t expect we will be too busy but you just never know.

Now I am so to speak back in harness I hope the blog will get more postings, if only commenting on the temperature.

Sue my wife is with me tomorrow and we have the supply of soup at the ready and other odds and ends.

So bring on Sunday, I think we are ready, well I hope we are.


I have been here before!!!

Depending on the state of the station when I check it on Saturday Orton Mere Station will be open for business on Sunday.

I have not been in the station since August myself so the initial visit will be interesting.

Watch this space as they say.

Now some of you will be saying, what is he on about I thought he was not going back… To get the full story you will have to pop and see me at the station and it will cost you the price of a cup of tea or coffee.

I am lost for words….


Taken I gather on the Severn Valley Railway.

A good start to the year.

I was back at the railway on New Years Day and I must say it’s nice to be back.

Nice to chat to the many friends I have on the railway and also to a lot of the regular passengers I know.

Not the best weather for visiting the railway but it was nice to see people travelling and enjoying themselves.