Daily Archives: 2nd April 2012

Does something amusing happen every time?

That was a question I received in an email today, from one of my loyal blog followers, who together with my other loyal follower are safely on my Christmas Card list.

Anyway before I scamper off on some totally irrelevant tangent, I suppose I had better answer the posed question.

The answer is yes and no, yes something amusing normally happens but not every time, and some that happen don’t get into the blog. A good example happened on Sunday after I had locked up on the last train into Peterborough due to Stephen having to catch it.

An elderly woman came on the platform and saw a couple eating ice cream that they had bought before I had closed. She asked them where they had got them from and when they said the station but it was now closed her response was “Well they will open for me I am a pensioner!!” For some strange reason she was incorrect.

Little gems like that pop up most days. The most repeated gem is somebody asking if trains are running when there is one at the platform or one just arriving. If I had a pound for every time I have been asked that then I would be quite rich. Well actually I would not really be rich as the wife would have had the money off me quicker than I can cough!!

Another regular gem is when I am asked if a train just coming to a standstill is the next train, they are dead serious as well!!

I am sure if I put my mind to it I could write a book about the funny comments we hear through a year.

So there you have it it’s OFFICAL “We do get something amusing happen sometimes”