Daily Archives: 15th April 2012

Yes well Part Two……..

Well it was a case of more of yesterday today.

Yes we sold tickets but other than that it was fair to say it was dead, Sue and Jason helped today, and Sue went home after lunch as it was just so quiet.

There are many factors for the lack of business shop wise, but the over riding factor without doubt is the lack of public toilets. In the time since the council in their infinite wisdom closed the local public toilets in an effort to save money the shop business at the station has gone through the floor.

People who used to come to the Mere and also buy stuff from the station simply don’t come now, and certainly those that still do don’t come and buy refreshments. Because, to put it in a simple way they have no way of getting rid of what drinking and eating produces.

I occasionally refer to the lack of toilets on my twitter account and it’s amazing how the couple of local councillors who follow me remain silent.

I just hope that any of the Councillors who come down to welcome the Olympic torch on 3rd July do not ask to use a toilet, they will not like my response, that I can promise them.