Daily Archives: 7th Aug 2012

Wow a coffee

I am in a state of shock!

I have just sold a coffee, to say its quiet today is an understatement. Dull old day with intermittent rain showers does not equal brisk business.

Sat through a film on the iPad and now working my way through a book.

Just been looking at the BBC news site and struggling to find much news that’s not about the Olympics. It has captured the nation it seems and lots of people who’s idea of exercise on a Sunday morning is making a bacon sandwich seem now to have got the bug. It seems from what I have read that bicycle sales are through the roof as are enquiries for membership to sports and athletic clubs.

If only that could rub off on the permenant lookers at the railway, if only the sight of a steam engine would encourage them to part with a few pounds. They don’t think or realise that if everybody just looked and spent no money then there would be no railway nor no trains for them to watch.

Perhaps we should hold races between the engines and for publicity offer coverage of every running day live on the BBC. Then perhaps people would realise what spending a few pounds at the railway means to its continued future!!