Daily Archives: 12th Aug 2012

We have discovered a trend.

This weekend I had Paddy with me on Saturday and Jason with me on Sunday, and the three of us have discovered a trend.

Now I know your all wondering what the trend is, after all none of the three of us are trend setters!!!

Well the trend is that people are getting ruder, simple as that. I am not talking about youngsters that since time immemorial people have rightly or mostly wrongly have said are rude.

No I am talking about middle aged people and normally men, there seems to be a growing trend not to bother with the common words of please and thank you.

They bellow, they interrupt and they are in simple terms bloody rude.

Is it so hard for people when they ask a question to add at the end please? Is it so hard when they receive an answer to utter the words thank you?

Of course it’s not, but we are seeing a growing trend amongst middle aged people to behave like spoilt children.

Let me give you an example that happened on Saturday. It is lunch time, Rosemary the gardener and I were sitting on one bench and two working members who do maintenance were sitting on the other. All four of us were eating lunch, and in between the four of us was Paddy standing by the entry doors to the building. Onto the platform came a middle aged chap who was for a better description dressed like Rodney Dangerfield when he was in Caddy Shack, in other words to put it simply he looked a bit of a sight.

Ignoring Paddy who was there to help whilst we were having lunch he walked to me, timing it so I had just inserted a sandwich and had taken a bite, and simply asked “Who is the driver today”? Not a please not a sorry to disturb your lunch, just simply a question with not a trace of manners. I pointed him in the direction of Paddy saying that Paddy was there to help and I was eating lunch. He just walked off without a thank you when Paddy said he did not know the answer. The ironic thing was I did know the driver, but his manners were so appalling that I must admit I had no wish to help him.

There is never any excuse for bad manners, but one thing I have noticed is that the people who appear for want of a better term to be the poor of the parish are always well mannered, and are a pleasure to deal with.

Jason and I had the same today, a steady flow of middle aged males lacking even basic manners, they out numbered those who were a pleasure to chat to.

So are we the only three to notice this trend, or do you agree with the above? Please leave a comment on your thoughts.