Daily Archives: 25th Aug 2012

Another typical bank holiday day

Whilst I am writing this we have at the moment torrential rain, thunder & lightening.

Not the ideal weather for the middle of summer.

Now one of the questions I get asked especially from readers of this blog across the pond is “What’s a bank holiday”?

Well have a look here and all will be explained.


Here in the UK we take these holiday weekends very seriously, the problem is that it always seems to be terrible weather over bank holiday weekends.

Now today we have had heavy showers and thunder for most of the day, so people who are out and about enjoying themselves have got wet a few times.

We managed at the station to avoid most of it and did not get too wet when we were out sorting the trains.

Two more days to go, lets see what they bring weather wise!!!

The one thing you can predict about UK weather is that it’s unpredictable.