Daily Archives: 31st Aug 2012

Some people just don’t listen.

One thing I always believe is that I can learn something off everybody I meet, whether it’s how to do something or for that matter how not to do something.

Now an incident recently came to my notice where something has happened, and I remember saying right at the start that it would happen, and I seem to remember I was not the only one. Time has proved me right and what I said would happen has done so and it’s come back to bite the originator on the backside.

Now whether the person in question will learn from the experience I honestly have no idea and for that matter I am not really bothered, as it’s a fact that some people will never learn nor will they listen.

When there is a problem they will address the problem and issue a patch for it but they wont acknowledge that perhaps just perhaps what’s being done that led to the problem should really be reviewed and discontinued.

So if you think this posting refers to you then you might just have realised why you have a biting pain in your backside.

Back to the railway tomorrow and hopefully it will be a good and profitable weekend.