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A vision, a found house and a touch of the future.

I thought coming up to Halloween would be a good time to post this.

Now my mother has always said I am far sighted, now I am not sure if she just means I can see further than her based on the fact I am taller than she is so my horizon is further away, or if she means something deeper and more meaningful. I tend to suspect the latter.

When she was younger mum often dabbled in reading the tea leaves and I must say more often than not she was 100% accurate, I must say though I was not a believer, even when she told a friend with two children well into their teens that she was going to have another baby. Sure enough nine months after her friends children had a weekend away she presented them and her husband with a little baby brother. As far as I can remember she never spoke to my mother again.

Anyway, I know you’re asking yourself what this has to do with me being far sighted, well to be honest not a lot but it has set the scene nicely for the bit about a vision, a found house and a touch of the future.

Are you sitting comfortably? You are! Excellent I shall begin. Settle down at the back no fidgeting. Anne put down your iPhone you will only break it again!!!

One dark autumn night the rain was lashing against the windows, the wind was howling and blowing causing the branches of the tree to beat against the windows…..

No scrap that that’s a totally different story that I may tell you sometime, but that sometime is not today.

Now for almost six years I have kept getting this image clearly in my mind, it’s a view I can see whilst I appear to be sitting in front of a house, I can only see the view and I can’t see what the house looks like but I know it’s behind me nor can I see much to the left or the right. In this view I can see amongst other things trees, an overhead line, support poles, a couple of post boxes, one each side of the road and a track leading to buildings in the distance. Now this is not a static black & white picture, it’s in full colour and a moving scene I can see vehicles travelling along the road that’s between where I am sitting and the view I can see. The seasons change as does the general weather.

Now from this view, the post box and the vehicles passing I deduced that it was in America. Other than that I had no idea where it was. I have never visited America, actually not possessing a passport I have never been outside the UK though I have found some parts of Wales a bit of an adventure. Now before you ask what happens if I see the view at a time when it would be dark in the States the answer is yes when I see it at that time then what I see is a night view.

So we have this view or vision whatever you want to call it in full colour with moving objects that’s as clear as if I was actually sitting there in person. Sometimes it even rains and I can see that together with spray off passing vehicles etc.

Please remember I have been seeing this for almost six years. That time span is very important.

As some of those who know me well are aware I love looking at stuff on Google Earth it fascinates me to look round places around the world especially at street level. Well one day about a year ago for no specific reason I chose a spot on the map in the United States, I came across a house located in Annville Kentucky, and for some strange reason I immediately decided that if I ever had the money I would try and buy the house, why I have no idea but I immediately decided that if the opportunity arose I would make an offer for it.

Often since finding the house I have often run through Annville on Google Earth down the main road seeing what the place and general area is like, and yes one day I know I will try and buy that house, of that I am in no doubt whatsoever.

Now we come to the spooky part.

Some weeks ago I decided to look at the specific view out from the front of this house, why I had not done so before I have no idea, so using street view I did a scan across the view opposite from the roadside in front of the house. Guess what, the view I saw was exactly the same view I have been seeing in my mind for almost the last six years allowing for the fact that I see it from the front of the house rather than from the roadside so I can see a tree and a post box in the front garden of the house that I can’t see on the Google street view looking out opposite from the road but they are there when I look from the road towards the house, now is that spooky or what.

Here are the facts, I have for almost six years been seeing this view that’s the same as the one that can be seen from the front of a house I found on Google Earth about a year ago.

So there you have it, a vision a found house and a touch of the future. I have no rational explanation for the things I have seen and continue to see.

As a further little story to add to the far seeing theory, some years ago I worked in retail and together with another lad we had just unloaded some cages full of stock from a delivery, they were all safely on the loading bay, all the wheels were locked and the cages nowhere near the edge, we had both checked and confirmed that. Well we were down at ground level and the chap I was with went to walk towards a rubbish skip to put something in. That would have taken him in front of the safely wheel locked cages above us on the loading bay. As he started to move I called for him to stop which he did so. A couple of seconds later a cage full of stock tipped off the loading bay and landed where he would have been. That scared the hell out of the both of us, and over the years I have not told many people this story.

So there it is my vision or whatever you want to call it, I am not aware of any deep meaning but I do know that I will visit Annville Kentucky at some stage and I will if I can buy that house.

Please feel free to comment on any of the above either on the blog or if you prefer by email direct.

Please note Mum is not available for tea leaf reading!!

Have a great Halloween.

A day of excitement just not where I was.

The only good thing I can say about today was that it was warmer than yesterday.

For most of the afternoon we had drizzle and if it had not been for the model boaters having a competition it would have been a totally dead day.

Jason was his normal self and made the day go quicker than it would have done otherwise.

What was really noticeable was the total lack of passing customers, you could tell it was quiet as we were only asked about toilets once all day, so something good came out of the dismal weather!!

Although we are running Monday to Thursday this week I wont be there until next weekend.

Watch out on Halloween for a special blog posting.

Turned out cold again

It was cold at the station today, the coldest it’s been since last winter I would guess.

At 9.15am I was standing on the platform drinking a mug of hot chocolate, which is surprising really as I don’t like hot chocolate.

But it was a cold cutting wind that drove me to do it, I decided that coffee was not going to do the job.

Paddy with me today in the station and young Rosemary doing the garden, which is really looking nice.

Quite day as expected with the cold wind, which negated the fact that for most of the early part of the day we had bright sunshine.

Still Paddy and I had a good natter and Peter popped in at one stage for a natter so overall an enjoyable day.

We will see what tomorrow brings, though the weather forecast is terrible I gather.

Oh well not a lot we can do about it except moan of course.

You have to wonder

Some days you have to wonder if you would have made more profit by staying shut, well this weekend we had two days like that on the trot.

To say it was quiet would be an understatement, the only way it could have been quieter was if I had locked the doors and just sat there.

There were a fair number for the time of year on the trains but they did not travel from me. Although we had some sunshine over the two days both started with cold fog and Sunday ended with light rain. Not exactly the weather to do business at my station.

We have only two more weekends with the days of half term in-between then that’s it for the winter, now as much as I love working at the station I will be pleased with the rest. I have lots of things that need to be done plus a couple of business projects as well.

So after a weekend where at one stage I did consider us all holding hands to make contact with the living I hope I will have a nice busy week.

Then back to play trains next Saturday.

Advanced warning by the way for a spooky blog for Halloween, with visions, dreams and second sight….. Watch this space as they say.

Coats of different colours.

I can see your thinking that’s going to be a deep post with real meaning and depth. Well sorry to tell you but your wrong, it’s just me whittling on.

Now yesterday saw the re-launch of the Swedish Railcar back in service at the railway. This is a diesel locomotive that I have never seen before so it was really nice to see it running up the line.

Here are two pictures of it the first is when it was previously in service and the second was taken on it’s re-launch run.

Scan10119     100_1042

A lot of work has gone into getting the unit back into service and as you can see there is just a slight difference in the livery, but it really looks great and will I am sure be very popular with members and visitors alike.

Sometimes a change of livery can be quite drastic, a good example of that is 73050 “City of Peterborough”. Some years ago it ran in a green livery then after it’s last major service a vote was taken amongst the members of the railway and it now runs in a black livery.

Here are two pictures of it, the first taken when it ran in green and the second taken a couple of years ago of it in it’s current black livery. Which do you prefer?

I prefer the green, but when the vote was taken I was not a member so I was not in a position to express my preference.

Scan10123     100_2950

I hope you find these pictures of interest, and my thanks to Paddy Knight for kindly lending me the older pictures to scan it is much appreciated.


Royalty and a railway station.

In the County of Norfolk lies Sandringham House which is one of the Queens residences.

It was served railway wise by Wolferton Station. Today that station is a private residence and a web site for it can be found here. 

It shows the history and royal connections for the station.
The signals for the lines in and out of the station were controlled by the signal box.

The box is now a private residence and was converted some years ago.

Here are some pictures of the signal box internally after the conversion and as it is today. Also some external images of the museum itself. 

The pictures were sent to me by young Nathan Merryweather who helps me at my station.

30736507     WP_000485

WP_000486     WP_000487

WP_000488     30736510

30736509     30736511


I am sure you will agree that it’s well worth a visit and it’s been added to my to visit list.

Running down

This month sees us slowly running down at the station with our last public services from the station on 4th November.

Except for the weekend after Christmas and the 13th January 2013 there will be no services stopping at the station until February.

Although I enjoy the railway it will be nice to have a break for almost three months.

I will pop down a few days to do maintenance and check all is well, but I will get my Sundays back with Sunday lunch and a lie in.

May open a few weekends if it’s nice when the Santa trains are running in December but that will depend on the weather.

Tomorrow sees the start of my countdown……

Two days back in time

This weekend saw our 1940’s weekend at the railway, the sun shone and people enjoyed themselves.

Sue my wife recommends the Rabbit Pie that was served in Wansford cafe, I will take her word for it as I don’t even like the smell of cooked rabbit.

Here are some pictures of the weekend, mainly taken by Sue and mainly taken at Wansford.

100_1037     CIMG1040

CIMG1043     CIMG1055

          CIMG1057                        CIMG1062

          CIMG1064                        CIMG1067

CIMG1072     CIMG1076

CIMG1080     CIMG1086

CIMG1105     CIMG1108

CIMG1110     CIMG1114

CIMG1118     CIMG1122

CIMG1124     CIMG1134

CIMG1135               CIMG1127

A weekend where somebody will possibly be offended

No not by me personally, but by what’s on at the railway.

This weekend sees our 1940’s weekend taking place.

Now there are two things from the 20th century that create more passion and opinions than anything else and that’s the two world wars.

I have heard that the 1940’s weekends should not take place as several things seem to upset a few people.

Firstly people in German uniforms on the train and Secondly people in German uniforms on the stations.

Now neither of the above two happened of course except when PoW’s were moved so I can see and respect peoples point of view. But what should we replace them with? Cardboard cut-outs perhaps!

It is a look at hopefully the whole of the era not just the first five years of the decade, it’s obviously popular as we have good crowds and people seem to enjoy themselves and not just people who were alive then either.

Here are a few pictures from previous years so you can make your own mind up.

100_3345     100_3409

100_3412     100_3351

100_3356     100_3416

100_3346     100_3405

                    100_0213     100_0214

Scan10155     100_1807

100_1801     100_1814