Daily Archives: 12th December 2012

It’s been just over a month now.

Well it’s been just over a month since I upgraded the laptop to Windows 8 from running Windows 7 and I thought you might be interested to know how I am getting on with the software.

The fact is I love it, now I know it’s been designed for use with a touch screen and I just run a normal computer, but I would not swap back to Windows 7.

The Metro interface is a doddle even with a mouse and keyboard and one click just puts you to a traditional desktop anyway. Anybody who says you cant use Windows 8 without a touch screen system is talking out of their rear end.

The main desktop machine which is mainly used for the business stuff uses Windows 7, that machine was upgraded from Vista the day Windows 7 was available. I find no problem swapping between the two operating systems, and they are fully networked together with the wife’s laptop so all files are Synchronised anyway. The stuff on the main machine is backed up over night seven nights a week and the stuff on this machine is backed up automatically when the machine is first switched on each day both to external onsite and offsite storage.

One thing I did do with this machine was do a clean install of Windows 8 when I finally received the ordered CD’s from Microsoft, there was lots of junk on it and software I no longer use so it was an ideal time for a cleanout. Originally I upgraded from version 7.

The clean install was a doddle and the easiest I have ever done, I have a Microsoft account and my settings are stored there and were all put back on the machine when I ran the new install for the first time. If only a clean install of Windows 7 was as easy and quick.

The software on CD is supplied in both 32 and 64 bit versions which is great.

So overall I am pleased I did the upgrade and as soon as I replace some ancient software on the desktop that wont run on 8 then I will upgrade that machine to Windows 8 as well.

Quick keys are used and make life very easy, I run Firefox and Mozilla for browsing and email and both run very well with no problems. The one thing I am not impressed with is the email client on Windows 8 it lacks a few basics and is not used. Internet Explorer 10 runs well as the included browser and is fast and clean, but as i said I use Firefox as the default browser on all machines.

So there you have it Arkwright is happy and all is well with the world, well at the moment anyway!!!