Daily Archives: 23rd December 2012

Counselling assistance available

Well not only is Tuesday Christmas day it is also a day where the supermarkets are closed, how will some people survive!!

Because of the Sunday trading laws today our local Tesco will be opening at Midnight Sunday evening and then staying open through the night and day until 7pm on Christmas Eve.

I mean I ask you if the shopping lemmings don’t have what they want for Christmas already then there is no hope really. I am sure without doubt that some silly sod will be hammering on their grills tomorrow evening when they are shut demanding to be let in to shop!!! When they refuse I am sure the person will utter the immortal words “YOU HAVE RUINED CHRISTMAS!!”

You don’t believe me? Well this is based on my experience of Christmas Eve in retail and I spent 17 years in the industry!!

They will be in there Christmas Eve with full trolleys and empty Christmas Spirit buying stuff that they don’t need or for that matter often want plus in many cases what they can’t afford, but the shops will be shut Christmas Day so they must buy stuff just in case!

Reading the paper today I see that Amazon is starting it’s post Christmas & New Year Sale at 9am Christmas Day. They will be having I gather some short time offers through the day, I mean can’t they just hold back one day?

I remember when Christmas was a time for being with family and friends, these days it’s a time to out buy people gift wise then spend months moaning that you spent more money on them than they did on you. Some will moan about non-arrival of Christmas cards, you know those cardboard things that arrive from people you had forgotten existed and who you only hear from at Christmas.

Seeing the way some people behave this time of year in the name of celebrating a birth that allegedly took place in little more than a up market shed, it makes me relieved that I am an Atheist!!

Whatever your beliefs or otherwise have a great 25th December, remember those who are on their own and take care of yourself and those around you, and be grateful if your not working in retail on 26th December when all the madness starts again.