Daily Archives: 28th December 2012

Closed this weekend at Orton Mere

I have decided due to the flooding not to open the station this weekend. Services will stop there if anybody fancies a paddle but the building wont be open.

The main road is flooded as are all the paths round the station so it would be a quiet cold dismal day.

So if your visiting the railway this weekend and fancied getting off to look at the Mere and the Staunch I would not bother, I would stay on the train enjoy the trip and visit the bar.

Certainly this weather has affected Nene Park and the surrounding area, the river by the station has burst it’s banks and the rowing lake about a quarter of a mile away is now connected to the main river with water as far as you can see. The moorings that were built on the bank opposite the station are all under water and the top of the rails can just be seen.

Not even the dog walkers were about yesterday. So hopefully we will be back open on the 13th January which is the next day after this weekend that we are running services.

It will be a real strain sitting in the warm this coming weekend, but I am sure I will manage.