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I Was Conned

Yes I feel kind of let down…….

Paddy who helps at the station took his wife to Hawaii.

He asked me if he could bring me anything back.

I asked for a hula dancer with big boobs and a grass skirt.

This is what I had in mind.

This is what he bought me…..



Mind you looking on the bright side unlike many females this one does not make a noise!!!!!



That’s terribly civil old chap!!!

As regular sufferers, whoops make that readers of this blog will know we currently have major engineering work on at Orton Mere, now it’s fair to say with the civil’s they are not the most tidy at putting things away. But today after great but brief interdepartmental discussions which involved such things as Lynching parties and things hanging off bridges by little dangly bits not to mention their hot drinks ration being withheld or even a laxative put in it so they would move faster we hope that the untidiness will be a thing of the past. Here is a picture of the little TASC machine by the way that they use for light work and perhaps who knows quick runs to the chip shop.

100_1314 100_1315_edited-1

You will see that we had a little rain Saturday, I am pleased to report that I stayed in the dry! Never let it be said I am daft.

100_1318 100_1319


First service Saturday was run with the Class 14 diesel and the rest of the weekend we ran steam with 73050.

Now before you say it I know the pictures are terrible, but it was dull dismal and not photography weather, that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Because we are using the other platform and amazingly people are reading the signs saying that a number of people have been going to platform 2 and buying their tickets on the train, so I have not been that busy.

But we did have one gem today worth a mention…..

Woman and her husband came in the station and asked the price of bottled water, £1.10 was my reply. This prompted the question how much for two, the answer of course being £2.20. The lady then said what would your reply be if I said £2.00. To which I replied that my answer would be she was 20p short. She paid the full price….

I mean who in their right mind would be so bold as to ask me for a discount, tut tut they never learn.

So there you have it all the excitement of an October weekend at the cutting edge of a heritage railway, or do I mean excitement at the bleedin’ railway? Well make up your own minds.

Next weekend the clocks go back an hour, so it will really get later earlier, which in the case of my Station will be a big advantage, after all I have always said the place looks better in the dark!!!


There that’s a picture to prove it, if you ignore the fact it was taken about 4pm on evening a couple of years ago if I remember correctly.



A bit on the damp side

Well it was a bit damp this weekend at the railway, but things were happening.

The track engineering work has started in ernest this weekend, so all services until further notice are through my platform two.

The weather was terrible especially today (Sunday) with almost constant rain.

It certainly kept the customers away, here are a few pictures in no special order which show what it’s been like.

100_1284 100_1291 100_1300 100_1302 100_1303 100_1305


As you can see we have had drier weekends, still autumn is upon us so we must accept that we are not going to have wall to wall sunshine.

Cover this weekend has been Peter & Susan on Saturday and just Peter today. Our iPads have taken a hammering to keep us amused. The civil’s and S&T departments seem to have a desire for a constant supply of either tea or coffee.

The engineering work will take us to the end of the running season at the start of November, Still the exercise walking over to platform 2 will do me the world of good I gather.

Diesel Gala Time

Well Friday, Saturday and Sunday saw our annual autumn diesel gala.

The weather was dry I am pleased to say, and the trains ran almost on time as well which was a bonus.

As to how well we did profit wise no doubt that will appear in due course, though it’s fair to say it was not the busiest gala we have had.

Here are some pictures in no particular order.

They are not great works of art as always the paying passengers and public must come first.

100_1254 100_1255 100_1256 100_1258 100_1260 100_1261 100_1266 100_1267 100_1269 100_1276 100_1272 100_1271