Monthly Archives: December 2013

Almost there……

Well here we are trundling towards the buffers that mark the end of the year.

Just two more running days before the new year. After the semi break of the Santa’s it will be nice to get back into a routine at the station.

It’s been a funny old year and not one of the best for the railway,  but we can soon kick it goodbye and look forward to 2014.

As to how good the coming year will be for the railway I have honestly no idea, but I am safe in the knowledge that nobody else does either.

What I do know is that it’s important we get in every penny from the visitors we can, certainly we need to get the permenant lookers to part with some cash, the railway can’t survive on those who come and spend nothing, despite what some may think on the railway we need to get those who pay nothing to pay something, even if it’s for a cup of tea.

We will get nowhere pandering to the non-paying lookers. The people who we need to look after better than we have ever done before are those who pay to travel and those who support the railway when they visit by making a purchase, no matter how small. Bums on seats equals pounds in the till, you can’t run a business looking after the free loaders, it is a sure way to bankruptcy.

So if you’re one of my non-paying visitors to the station or for that matter to the railway generally, try and break the habit of a lifetime and part with a little cash, because remember that if everybody did as you do and spent nothing then there would be no trains for you to look at, that is the simple fact.

Happy New Year to all readers of this blog without exception, and I look forward in 2014 to relieving you of some of the weight in your purse or your wallet.

Santa is just passing…………

At the station today for a bit of engineering work and to watch the Santa trains pass.

On one end we have a diesel and the other a steam locomotive.

Here are a couple of pictures, one of each end.

100_1378 100_1379

Not the best of pictures, but it is a tad cold, I have opened today but nobody about so won’t bother doing so tomorrow…

Only one more blog post after this one before Christmas…..