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This could be later than some last services…

What’s this I hear you say, the blog being written on a Monday.

Yes well, contrary to popular opinion there are other things in life than kettles and generators on wheels.

Anyway, you’re all waiting to know how the weekend went at the station. The answer is…… Not bad considering.

Opening on non-running Saturdays has certainly shown that there is business about despite the lack of smoke and diesel fumes. So that will be continued for the forseeable future when we have non-running Saturdays.

Sunday was a mixed day with the Swedish Railcar running, we did OK in tickets and in the shop, but nothing to get excited about. The weather varied from cold and dull, to cool and sunny, to bursts of rain and hail. So as Rosemary often says we did not have weather we had samples.

The Swedish Railcar was nice and full for most of the four services each way, and a service always looks better full than it does empty.

This coming weekend is Mothers Day, so we will have a steady trail of patient mothers, excited children and frustrated fathers…  Oh deep joy…

Now back to proper work where I could do with 30 hour days and 10 day weeks……

Old friends appear…….

Now one thing that happened yesterday I thought deserved a post of it’s own, and that’s the unexpected visit of old friends.

Those who either know the railway, have always followed this blog or have read my five stories will know that I spent my first year working at Ferry Meadows Station.

At that time it was run by Neville and his son Robert, and as I have said many times before, to date it has been the best year I have spent on the railway.



That’s Neville and Robert taken a few years ago now at Ferry Meadows.

Well yesterday afternoon they paid a visit to my station, it quite made my day, it’s always great to chat to them both and get up to date with what’s going on. I even sold them two cold drinks so that was an added bonus!!!!

So there we are an added bonus to an already nice day…..

Make that four good days.

Another good weekend.

As I wrote in my last post we were opening both days this weekend, despite there only being a service on Sunday.

Peter and his daughter Susan looked after three things on Saturday they were… The station, S&T and the Civil’s. I am reliably informed that the station was the least trouble of the triplets.

Sunday I ran the station with Jason, who as usual was on form. Business was steady all day with good ticket and shop sales.

The decision to do non-running weekend days and also to stay open after the last train have proved so far to be sound. Now I know that when it rains it will be a whole different ball game, but in what will be a difficult year for the railway we must take money whilst the sun shines.

Saturday yielded enough money to make it worth while opening and Sunday after the last train enabled us to take another 30% on what we had already taken that day.

The use of platform 2 has cost us ticket business that is without doubt, we had some passengers travel today because we were using platform 1. Not everybody is physically able to walk all the way round, especially as there is no seating on the other platform once they get there. People were buying stuff from the shop whilst waiting for trains, they would not have done that if we had been going through platform 2.

Next week will be the last one where we are not running on a Saturday, but we will again be open on both days. As I said earlier this year it is especially important that we get every pound we can from visitors.

One swallow or even two good days don’t make a successful year.

This weekend was a bit different, and not because the sun shone.

We opened the station both Saturday and Sunday even though Saturday was not a public running day, instead we had a private charter up and down the line.

Saturday was a bit of an experiment in as much as we decided to see what we could take on a non-running day shop wise. Now before anybody at the back pipes up and says it will all depend on the weather I will chip in and say I agree.

But with a half decent day forecast and with the help of Susan and Peter we decided to see what we could take. In the end we did quite well, nothing exceptional but none the less well worth opening, so much so that we will be also opening for the next two Saturdays which are also not public running days.

Sunday shone, both in terms of the wether and also business, it was really good, I had Nathan with me. I knew sending him a map to remind him of where the station was located was a good idea. The lad is keen I will give him that, he even found time to wash part of the fencing as well, who knows in another 12 months he may well be back to do the rest.

Rosemary did a bit of gardening and the Swedish rail car ran.

The award for idiot of the day goes to a chap who decided to go off the end of the platform and wander with his very young daughter over the crossover and he seemed genuinely surprised when he was suitably educated by Nathan. He asked if a fast train was due and as far as we can establish he seemed to think what he was doing was acceptable if nothing was due. After almost ten years running the station, I often think I have seen and heard it all, then people like this and their behaviour show me that’s far from the case.

Simply other than the incident above the day just flowed and we stayed open some 30 minutes after the last train just to mop up the business that was still about.

It’s weekends like this that cheer me up and make put to the back of my mind the difficult times when nothing seems to go right. We will now see what the next few weekends bring.

Would you Adam and Eve it…….

Now follow this carefully, there may be a test at the end. Then again of course there may not!

Yesterday was a lovely day, and although cold the sun shone and all was well with the world, the railway was not running a public service.

Today was dull, cold and we had rain in the wind, the railway was running a public service.

Now looking back through odd notes I have been known to make from time to time I have come to the conclusion that when the railway is only running a service on one day of the weekend, then weather wise that will be the worst day. There is of course no logical reason, it just happens.

Despite the cold, the wind and the odd bit of rain, we actually saw a few people at the station today, we even sold two ice creams. But it was mainly tea and coffee. Still at least hot drinks are high profit items and it’s profit that keeps the railway running, not just turnover.

Peter and Susan were with me yet again today, I often think the place would grind to a halt without their commitment. All three of us have iPads and it’s fair to say they got some use today, as you will have guessed we were not exactly rushed. But the trains ran well and as near as makes no difference they ran to time.

Other than that not much else to report, a couple of people asked me where Rosemary who does the garden was, she always has people asking where she is when she is not with us.

Next weekend sees the Swedish Railcar in action so we will see how busy we are, but as always it will depend on one thing we have no power over and that’s the weather.

Onwards and upwards for another busy week.

One final comment before anybody else contacts me asking why…. I don’t have the slightest idea why 73050 pulled the main service today, I could hazard a guess and I may well even be accurate, but in all fairness if I can come to a possible conclusion as to why it ran then so can you…. Here is a clue… It could have something to do with what happened after the final public service…..