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The Devils Bible……..

Well today we had a late entry for the pillock of the year award….

An unexpected late runner that came from nowhere and shot straight to the front.

Let me explain.

I was leaning on the counter using my iPad to play a game of solitaire.
In walks this woman looking for a toilet.
She sees me playing the game and points to the display.
“Playing cards are the devils bible.” She say loudly.
“You will go and burn in hell.” She says even more loudly.

Then she storms out leaving her husband standing there, he looks at me, sighs and says “It’s going to be a long day.”

So there you have it, I think an unbeatable late entry.

Other than that it was a quiet weekend, not bad for tickets but as always it could have been better. Next week sees the last weekend of public services until after Christmas.  In the next few weeks we will also see the laying of a new floor in the station, which will make a pleasant change from the laying of the local willing females on the station seating during the hours of darkness by unknown but apparently very willing males.

Oh the excitement…..

Another Simon & Garfunkel weekend.

In the last twelve years I have come across some slow weekends, but this one must set a new standard. It was quiet both days, the tumbleweed down the platforms was the only thing missing.

The train ran late both days for most services, the last one on Sunday must have almost set a record for being late, but there we are it is best left at that.

The upside was that we could spend lot’s of time with the few visitors and have a chat, this made the weekend enjoyable from the aspect of actually being able to have decent chats.

We had a couple today waiting for the last train and the husband drove a bus for a living, poor Nathan was like a dog with two trees as they discussed old buses and the like. Me I generally kept out of the way until the chat turned more general.

The weather this weekend was mixed with very heavy showers on Saturday afternoon which did not do much for what little business there was.

There is of course nothing we can do about the lack of passing trade, it’s just one of those things, but it has been noticeable over the last few months how quiet our end of the park is becoming, we can go long periods of time with just nobody coming past, even the foot fall over the foot crossing to the staunch had dropped.

I am looking at ways we can improve business at the station next year from the people who do pass and several ideas are going round in my head and I will give them some thought over the winter months, but certainly we need something to help trade along.

Next week I am not at the station. Friday sees my 28th wedding anniversary plus we have a visitor staying with us as well, now before any of you think of sending my suffering wife a medal please think again as such gifts would only go to her head and make my life a little miserable!!!! However if you feel like sending me a tenner in a plain envelope as an anniversary gift then please feel free to do so.

How about some highlights then?

Well only did Sunday this weekend, Peter and his daughter ran the station on Saturday. Mind you as I received text messages from four different people all concerning the railway or the station on Saturday then it was almost as though I was there!

Sunday dawned clear and cold, +3c at 7.30am the coldest it’s been for some time in the morning. The wife was with me today and she commented on the cold, so autumn is passing us by at a rapid rate of knots.

Highlights of the day were seeing the crossover lights in action, and the very nice visitors we had. All in all it was a really nice day even if the steam locomotive did fail after the second of the three services and the last one arrived 35 minutes late hauled by a class 14 diesel.

Mention must be made of a couple who had been bought a steam experience day and duly arrived with their ticket, shame they had not validated it, but that was soon sorted when the wife went on-line with the iPad and did it all for them. They did not read about validation and did not have a computer anyway. They were extremely grateful. Now this does show how reliant we are becoming on the internet and how those without access are being slowly pushed to the side. That turned two unhappy visitors into two happy ones though I think the buyer will be getting an ear bending when they get home tonight.

The three service blue service does seem strange with a quite early finish, but there were not that many about to be honest, certainly we were not busy, but that’s normal for this time of year.

We now await the excitement of services next weekend, the tension is already building…..