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Winter Warmers

Normally between Christmas and New Year the railway runs a winter warmer service.

This past weekend was no exception. Locomotive 1501 which visited during the Santa Specials to help haul services did so over the weekend before returning to it’s home railway.

Here is a picture of it arriving on Saturday with the first service from Wansford.

CIMG1373It’s a nice little locomotive and well suited to the line.

The weekend saw the non-paying public out in force. Wooly hats on, cameras round their necks and their wallets well hidden. I mean in the case of Saturday who in their right mind comes out in the intermittent sleet and freezing cold wind to take a picture? Unless of course it’s of the sleet!

We were steady business wise both days Sunday was the best weather wise with nice sunshine for most of it. But Saturday stood out as the day of the unruly child. We had them screaming round the place and the parents did nothing to correct them, not a thing, they left doors open to let in the cold and when I closed them all I got were black looks from parents. But even that was encompassed by one simple act. I was out the back and smelt something nasty, I walked out into the main area and there were a couple changing a poop ridden baby on one of the cafe tables. They covered the table with nothing and the smell was something else. They did not even have the good grace to look guilty. They just carried on put the old nappy in a bag and bunged it in the bag carrying their sandwiches. The table had a good clean when they had gone.

Some of the services ran late on both days, but nobody seemed that bothered and all in all it was a good weekend. The next few weekends are Sunday only with the Swedish Railcar getting an outing on three of the next four weekends. Hopefully we will be a bit warmer and snow free.



A bit quiet of late

I have received a couple of emails commenting on the lack of posts, for the reason please look on my other blog and read my Christmas day post.

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We did it again.

This weekend we opened again on the Saturday.

We did not expect to be busy as we had no stoping trains, but we knew a few locals would be about.

Also there are a few little jobs left from the rip out and part put back of the station contents. They are now almost done I am pleased to say, but the continued lack of a counter is a great hinderance, it’s almost acceptable at the moment when we are very quiet but when we get back to normal service then a counter is a must. If only from a security point of view. I will not be opening the station without a counter, it’s not secure to do so and not fair on the staff.

The locomotives running the Santa service were the same as last weekend so no point in posting any more pictures.

It was a cold day with the temperature just above zero for most of the time we were down there, but some heating has been sorted by donations of equipment so it was better than expected.

We hopefully will get the little jobs all finished next Saturday and then cruise towards Christmas.

The Santa Specials

We opened today even though we had no stopping services.

Handed out some leaflets for the Santa service and sold a few items.

Peter & Nathan spent the day putting stuff on walls and Susan, Peters daughter kept every body stocked up with hot drinks. It was a tad cold and just above freezing all day.

Here are a couple of pictures of the Santa locomotives and also a couple showing the frost first thing.

Other than that not really much to say, we also had S&T with us doing signalling work, even they commented on the cold so we know winter is with us.

100_1496 100_1492 100_1490 100_1489

Stations in the snow.

Here are a few pictures I have taken in the snow over the years at Orton Mere & Ferry Meadows.

The railway can look quite bleak in winter but it can also look quite photogenic.

100_0102 100_0105a 100_0355a 100_3892 100_3893 100_3895 100_3897 100_3901 100_3914 100_3928 100_3954 100_3969 100_3982 100_3983 CIMG0965 CIMG0968