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The Nassington Flyer

Being recreated this weekend on The Nene Valley Railway.

Though not as fast!!!

The Railcar rides again

Sunday saw the Swedish Railcar in service again, it also saw the station have the best day of the year so far as well.

It was one of those days where it was neither sunny or dull, so that guaranteed a few people would not be venturing out. Except for a few regulars it was mainly visitors to the area who came in. A group I chatted to on the platform did not travel, they were disappointed we were not running steam, but you can’t please everybody.

Steam next Sunday so we will see how we do, but this time of the year so much depends on the weather.

Final varnish of the front of the counter took place yesterday after close of business so that’s all now finished, we had lot’s of positive comments about the new counter which was very pleasing.

On a final note this week yesterday I lost two volunteers, Nigel & his wife Sally. Their circumstances have changed and they are no longer in a position to volunteer. They were not able to to many turns but working with them both was always enjoyable, and they will be missed. I do hope that at sometime in the future their circumstances will allow them to return.

No longer counter productive.

Well I am pleased to report that the counter or to be more precise the lack of counter saga is sorted.

Here are a couple of pictures of the new counter that was constructed today.

An effort by a few people including myself, Nathan, Peter, Jason and Ivan, Nathan’s Grandfather.

Hopefully it should last a good few years.

100_1508 100_1504

It will have it’s second coat of varnish in a couple of days, and be fully ready for action at the weekend.

The sunshine and some fungus.

Well it was a lovely sunny day today, the fact it was just above freezing all day was a slight technical problem.

Here is one picture of the station and two of the Swedish Rail Car that was running today, these show nicely the lovely sunshine.

IMAG0021 IMAG0014 IMAG0009But we were really quiet, there were very few people about, and the till was not exactly over used.

Highlight of the day was finding fungus growing out of one of the station name boards. Here is a picture.


Now if this was the highlight then you can realise how quiet it was.

On days like today when there is no passing traffic it’s hard to find people with pennines for the till, but we had a few.

Peter, Nathan and I had a last meeting before the installation of the new counter on Tuesday. Pictures of that will follow as and when, though I do plan a full article for the railways own magazine.

We will see what next week brings when we have another running of the rail car.



Two for one offer.

Roll up, Roll up. Arkwright is doing a two for one offer.

Now before you get too excited the offer is two weeks covered in one blog posting.

Right now you have calmed down here we go………

Last Sunday saw the Swedish Railcar running the service, it’s an unusual beast and always attracts the “I want to know all about it and I will waste ten minutes of your time even though I have no intention of travelling on it or for that matter buying anything at all brigade.”

Some of the questions asked about it were as follows.

Is it British?
Does it run on coal?
Can you travel on it?
Are passengers allowed to drive it as it looks simple?
You have to pay to travel on it!
What country is the Swedish railcar from?

For those who have not seen the beast in action or otherwise here is a picture of it.



Whilst it’s an interesting piece of transport in no way can it be called beautiful. It always reminds me of a hot dog complete with mustard on wheels.

Today we were back with steam with the J94 in action. But before anybody asks, it ran to time on all services!!!

Here is it arriving from Wansford second service.



It’s a nice little engine and lovely to photograph.

However despite a steam service we were not busy certainly not at my station, we had a bit of weak sun but a biting cold wind, and when the sun finally disappeared it got darn cold, I was pleased that the final service of the day was just after 3pm and I could get home and into the warm.

Though having said that, due to some kind donations the station building can now be bought to a decent temperature, maybe not tropical but certainly a lot warmer than in previous years, it’s a rare treat to be able to walk into the building in the winter and it actually feels warm.

Next weekend we are back to the Swedish Railcar, oh the excitement!!!!