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Well that was an interesting weekend.

Last weekend saw a special steam event, and I must say generally it was very enjoyable.

We had a guest locomotive “Morayshire” which seemed popular with the visitors.

Out of the two days without doubt Saturday was the most busy, speaking to a few visitors some chose Saturday because the weather forecast for Sunday was not good.

Saturday also saw Sue my wife and Paddy helping at the station. Paddy was his normal self and zoomed round the place.

Comment of the weekend goes to the wife who uttered the mortal words on Saturday… “There are some weird people about, are you sure it’s not a diesel event?”

Sunday we had Peter & Susan helping, as I said above it was the quieter of the two days, the morning was not bad but the rain came in the afternoon so business just died off.

It was really nice to see the trains especially on Saturday fairly full and the passengers seemed on the whole to have smiling faces.

Nicest customer of the weekend award goes to a gentleman who, despite being a pensioner insisted on paying full adult fare as he was sure the railway could use the money, it might not have been much extra money wise but the gesture was very kind.

Going back to the weather over the two days we had sunshine, cloud, wind, hail & rain. Not all at once I hasten to add. We certainly had variety.

Now we seem to have cracked the heating in the building it’s much more pleasant to work in during the winter months, and for the first time I can remember we could feel the warmth when we came in from off the platform.

No doubt you are wondering where the pictures are, well I am sorry to say I did not take any that I thought were worth keeping, as always the passengers and paying visitors must come first so there was very little time, especially on Saturday to get the camera out.

Overall there were things that could have been done differently over the weekend, but we hopefully learn from the problems we encounter along the way.

Almost last thing Sunday Jason who was cleaner on Morayshire in the afternoon, came in complete with dirty boots to use our facilities, Susan gave him the mop on his way out so he could walk backwards and clean the floor as he went back out of the building, why is it that things like that always happen when I don’t have my camera near? Looking on the bright side he can do the rest of the floor next time he helps me.

I must get a jigsaw puzzle to pass the time.

It was a strange weekend.

Saturday was poor weather wise, dismal and quiet, not even a steady stream of idiots  customers to keep me amused. On dismal days we are always quiet simply because the passing trade all stays at home and people drive to Wansford to travel rather than come to me.

Sunday gave us a bit of sunshine from time to time which was a bonus, but even so it was nothing special. But at least we had some customers, in all they were a nice bunch, which always makes the day better. Not one stupid question all day, it was quite worrying.

But some things never change, we had a few requests for a toilet, and as usual not one of them said please or thank you, I just don’t know what’s happened to manners these days, I mean the people who ask are not normally youngsters so you would think they would know better.

There also seems to be a small number of people who come in maybe twice or three times a year that are under the impression we are best friends. Now there are a few (less than five) over the years who I have become friends with, we ask after each others families and we are on first name terms, I have the combination to their wallets and they are known to spend money on a regular basis. But the others are simply customers, nothing more nothing less. But they seem to think that we are lifelong buddies, heaven knows why. Perhaps they have a limited social circle and they are desperate to add to it. Whatever the reason they irritate me and spotting them coming towards the station will normally either make me tootle off up the platform to check the far end is still there or I will go out the back for a chat with the water urn. It was the same when I worked in retail, there were the ones who seemed to think you had time to chat and that they should use your first name at the end of every other sentence, they rarely if ever bought anything.

Right that’s enough of me rattling on, we have a steam event weekend next week, so hopefully we will be busy and not just with the non-paying public with their cameras getting in the way, hopefully I will get a few pictures as well, but as I often say…. Time will tell.



It was that green one again

Ring Haw ran again today, here is a picture taken by Jason of it arriving first service from Peterborough. Please note the sunshine up in the sky.

Ring Haw 004It appears to pull the coaches well, and judging from the amount of non-paying public about it’s popular with picture takers as well. It’s timing today was not that good, but to be honest nobody seemed to mind.

Mixture of staff with me today, I started off with Peter & Susan and ended up with Jason. It seems that when he put down his availability I put him down for the 8th of March rather than the 8th of February. Still never mind accidents happen to all of us and not just those people, especially females frequenting my platforms after dark!

Bit on the chilly side today as well, but a fair number of people wandering about especially after lunch, some seemed to be in a daze. Perhaps there was something in their Sunday lunch who knows?

We sold a few tickets but shop was quiet, so nothing really exciting. Though we had a few enquiring about services during half term, I was not sure if they wanted to give their little snowflakes a day out or they were looking for somewhere they could come on their own to escape their precious little monsters.

But at least the sunshine was there for most of the day so all is perhaps well with the world. You watch us have sleet in a couple of weeks when we have our special steam weekend. It’s normally the case. I will have to dig out the crystal ball to see if I can find the long term forecast.




All smoke and wind.

Today we had a cold wind blowing at the station, and no it was not because my wallet was open.

It was blowing all day and certainly kept the punters at bay, which was a shame as they missed the first public service of the visiting locomotive “Ring Haw.”

Here she is first service back to Wansford.

100_1515 100_1514

Now it’s fair to say it will never win first prize in any beauty contest even if it was perhaps the only entrant, but it’s still a lovely little engine. It looks like it means business as it pulls the four coaches out of the station.

It’s just a shame that for it’s first run it was so darn chilly. Still a few more opportunities to see it and hopefully travel behind it.

Other than the excitement of the service locomotive today it was to say the least a bit quiet, certainly not the weather for the locals to venture out and about. The new counter was commented on favourably by some visitors and certainly it looks a darn sight better than what we had before.

Over the coming months we have some good events planned and a number of decent visiting locomotives. So lot’s to look forward to. We just need the weather to be on our side, as it is very important that we have it as nice and mild as we can expect for the time of year. We need paying visitors, not the non-paying public we often get. We need people to part with their money because, as I have said many times without the paying visitors there would be nothing for the no paying public to see.

Now for a week of working in the warm and hopefully next Sunday when Ring Haw runs again a few more people will consider it decent enough to give their wallets a run out and test drive at the railway.