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That foreign Engine from Nassington.

Last weekend saw the small loco group hold an “Industrial” weekend. Showing some of the industrial locomotives we have both in working order and under restoration.

The main line services both days were hauled by Ring Haw, which was originally based in Nassington Quarry which is not too far from the railway. These days Ring Haw normally lives elsewhere, but it has been a guest with us for several months.

Here is a picture of it hauling second service on Saturday arriving from City Centre.

Ring Haw

It’s a nice little engine and has proved popular with visitors.

Anyway on Sunday I was chatting to two visitors who were out walking, when Ring Haw arrived. One of the two visitors asked me about it, and I explained some of  it’s history. “Oh it’s a foreign engine” he remarked. I replied that no it was not and it had been based at Nassington for it’s working life.

He looked at me and uttered the mortal words. “If you were born here years ago anything west of the Great North Road (The A1) was regarded as foreign.”

I mean what can you say? Not even I could top that.

I know that years ago a trip into the city from many of the villages was perhaps a once a year treat, but something based less than 10 miles away being foreign?

As I have said many times it takes all sorts!

A little bit more history.

A couple of weeks ago I did a posting showing some old railway tickets from the old line way before it became a heritage railway.

They provoked a great deal of interest and many emails, some from the other side of the world. So here are a few more. Now not all these are from the line the Nene Valley Railway runs on, but they are all of the local area.

Please enjoy and if you have any comments please click to leave a comment on the blog.

100_1567 100_1568 100_1569 100_1570 100_1571 100_1572 100_1573  100_1575 100_1576 100_1577 100_1578



Now this last one is of interest in as much as it was like a pouch and has a little advertisement slipped into the opening.

It is our intention to have large versions of these printed and on display in my station in the near future, together with prints of other items connected with the line or the area. When we have done so we will give more details here in the blog and you will be most welcome to come and view what we have on show. I am sorry to say that we will only have prints of items rather than the items themselves, be we do not want any thefts of what are, in some cases quite unique items.

These tickets and those in the previous posting belong to a private collector.

The Diesel Gala

Last weekend saw the diesel gala on the railway.

It was I must say an enjoyable weekend, Harry & Sue with me on Saturday and Paddy & Sue with me on Sunday.

I must admit it was not as busy as I would have liked, but as I said above it was enjoyable. We have had busier events in the past, but people lack of spending money must dictate that they do not attend as many events. Certainly a lot of the usual visitors I see year in year out did not come this year.

Saturday morning started wet which did not help ticket sales but the day ended up really nice, the weekend will I think go down as one of the most enjoyable gala weekends but certainly not one of the busiest, certainly not at my station.

I did take a few pictures but nothing to get excited about, there is really not time at gala events to play with cameras. Here are a few of the ones I took, as I say nothing exciting.

100_1561 100_1562 100_1563 100_1564 100_1565 100_1566 CIMG1391 CIMG1392 CIMG1393 CIMG1401 CIMG1402 CIMG1403


Just the ticket & getting on the map.

Now as many who know me will be aware I am very interested in the history of the line that the NVR runs along.

Two parts of that history are the tickets that have been issued over the years and the maps that have been made, so here are a selection of tickets and a map of the area.

Pride of place must go to this one….


If only because it mentions Longville Junction (Old spelling.) The junction is adjacent to my station. The ticket itself is dated 03 August 1896. It’s valid 3rd class between Uppingham and Peterborough North. You can click on the image if you wish for a larger version.

CIMG1379 CIMG1381 CIMG1382 CIMG1383 CIMG1384 CIMG1385 CIMG1386 CIMG1387 CIMG1388

Have a look and see if you can find the places on the map and see on something like Google Earth if you can follow where the old line ran.

Also important of course are maps of the line such as this one from 1911.


It shows the old companies that ran not only on what is now the NVR but also through the two Peterborough stations.

It’s important that the history of places, events and services are preserved. I hope you find the above of interest, please leave me comments they will be most welcome.