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A little quiz

Right here is a little quiz for you this week.

The question is simply…

Which box do the following two signs come from?

100_1670 100_1667

Now the owner of the above and myself think we know where they come from but we are not sure.

So if you know please leave a comment on the blog.

When we have a definitive answer then we will let you all know.


A Quickie.

NOT that kind of quickie, you behave!

Saw this on I am surprised I have not encountered it on the railway.

(We have a really convoluted system of discounts based on age and group size. People rarely ask for the right ticket, so we ask follow-up questions.)

Customer: “Hello, I’d like one family ticket: two adults and two children.”

Me: “Sure, how old are the children?”

Customer: “22 and 24.”

Well that’s another one out of the way.

Well that’s yet another bank holiday out of the way.

Not a bad three days to be honest, on Sunday and Monday we had a Steampunk event at Wansford which seems to have been very popular.

At the station we were about average, but it could have been worse.

Comment of the weekend goes to a lady who came in and asked…

“What’s the price of a ticket to Peterborough?”
“Single?” I asked.
“No,” she replied “I am married.”

Just for a moment I was lost for words.

Now next weekend we will have an exhibition of photographs and images of tickets and artefacts etc. to mark the 170th Anniversary of the line opening on 2nd June 1845. So if your in the area please pop in and have a look, some of the things that I have dug up have been quite amazing.

If you have any pictures or memories of the line then please pop in for a chat we would love to see you.


50 Shades of Grey

Now, Now get your minds out of the gutter, this is not a book review.

Sometimes something happens and it’s effect lasts for sometime. Take first service yesterday for example…

Here it is arriving from Peterborough.


Chugging it’s way over the crossover and into platform 1.

Now nothing unusual about that, except for the fact it was on-time.

Now the exciting bit happened when it was at the platform, the crew were having problems with the injectors, and the result was…


The smoke made it’s way into the station building and for several hours afterwards the smell perculated around the building. A customer a couple of hours later walked into the building, stood in the doorway and sniffed. “Wonderful” he muttered to himself before he wandered over to buy an ice cream.

As they say it takes all sorts.

By the way Sue my wife took the pictures, she asked me to mention this because she reckons they are A. In focus and B. Better than the ones I take.

Idiot of the holiday weekend award.

We have a clear winner for the idiot of the holiday weekend award.

The conversation went something like this…..

“Why don’t you run to Oundle?”

Explained that we don’t own the land the old line ran on, things have been built on it etc.

Reply “But you’re a railway can’t you just slap them with a compulsary purchase order?”

Just think these people have the ability to breed!