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The Height Of Summer

Well here we are with the height of summer and it is raining and has been for about the last six hours.

Here are a couple of pictures I have just taken, it is as you will see a bit depressing.

100_1767 100_1766It’s certainly not what we want this time of year.

If I hear one more person pop in and say it’s good for the garden I will scream!!!

It’s been a quiet weekend, so quiet in fact that I am writing this between 3rd and 4th services from the station. I suppose I could post a few pictures from the past showing the sunshine, but we will save that for another posting.

Now it’s back to reading a good book.

Here as an addition is the last service of the day.

Ring Haw

As you can see it did not get better through the afternoon.


It’s becoming more common.

Sitting here early in the office meditating, my thoughts turned to the fact that more and more people over shall we say a certain age seem to expect to get a discount on anything because they are over that age.

So, being one never to overlook the possibility of increasing sales numbers by doing something like cutting 50% off the prices I thought we should do an Orton Mere Station special.

So as from this Saturday people over that certain age with get an “OFD.” That stands for “Old Farts Discount!” The rate of the discount is 0%. This will bring them into line with the mates rate discount offered which is also 0%. The mates rate is sometimes offered to people who, having been in twice in ten years think they are the staff’s best mates, hence the special rate for them.

What a difference a chuff makes

Last weekend we ran Diesel on Saturday and Steam on Sunday. Certainly at my station there will be no prizes guessing which was more popular.

Saturday was very quiet and a few who came on the platform and saw it was diesel promptly left again.

This is the Class 14 that hauled the Saturday service.

CIMG1463 copyAs you can see it was quite a nice day, so poor weather could not be used as an excuse.

Here is No22 that hauled the services on Sunday (This pic was taken back in 2013.)

100_1215Although we are a heritage railway and advertise that we run both steam and diesel undoubtedly the average visitor want’s and expects steam.

Having said that it’s just a shame that many who commented on Saturday were not going to travel anyway they just wanted a look, they had no intention to spend a penny, certainly they did not want to travel.

So there we have it, do we run steam all the time and put costs up or do we run the occasional diesel day? I know we can’t please everybody, that’s a fact of life.

But if you’re one of my non-paying regular visitors just remember before you comment about lack of steam that perhaps one of the reasons we are running a diesel service is because you don’t buy anything and in turn provide profit to the railway that would perhaps let us run more steam services.




Not a lot else to say really.

railway communications

S&T work on an erection that results in a new platform.

It was all go on Saturday morning, S&T turned up early with the aim of sorting out an early erection before they they played with weights.

Now before you get you mind totally in the gutter I think it only fair that the aim of S&T was another platform at the station. But don’t get too excited the platform was going up the signal at the west end of platform 2.

100_1729The above picture shows the cutting edge of S&T taking on the might of a steel ladder, it was an epic battle and one they eventually won, though at times it came close to being a draw at times I am reliably informed.

Anyway, with the help of the snivels whoops make that civils and their Tasc machine they eventually got the job done.

As a late entry demonstrating the sterling work of S&T here is a picture of John submitted by Keith, there is no truth in the rumour that John is muttering something about this is not what he expected when they said he would go up in the world if he joined S&T.


Here is the Tasc machine which is the pride and joy of the Civils.

100_1725There is I gather no truth in the rumour that they pat and stroke it in between telling it bedtime stories. I do know they hate taking it out in the rain.

As you can see it was an exciting day at the station even with the late running of the normal train service due to fire risk speed restrictions.

Sunday was an interesting day as well, the main services ran within a few minutes of time all day and to add to the excitement in the afternoon the Class 31 returned from the NYMR having visited for their diesel gala. It was towed in by a class 56, here is a picture of the two of them being put back onto platform 2.

100_1747Amazingly there were none of the non-paying public there to take pictures, which is something of a first. The 31 went onto Wansford under it’s own power with the 56 returning up the Fletton Branch to Peterborough. I bet that will have peeved a few further along the line waiting to photograph the two of them together.

Highlights of the weekend… Well that honour must go to the passengers/customers, we had a really nice bunch both days, we even had a recycled teenager the wrong side of 90 who had tow other people with her who informed me they were just there to keep her in line!! I think they had a full time job!!

It will go down as an excellent weekend and most enjoyable.