Daily Archives: 8th September 2015

I am not spending any money but I am not happy!

It was hoped that Tornado would, before it left the railway on Monday pull the third service last Sunday.

Word of this bought out the non-paying public in fair numbers. Some pestered us on a regular basis for the latest information as to exact times etc.

Once it was established that it had problems and would not be pulling third and most likely not fourth service instead, the moans started.

One individual who had no intention of parting with a single penny demanded that I take his phone number so I could ring him with any updates. He genuinely wondered why I said no! He was shall we say suitably educated.

A few hung around appearing from time to time, in the vain hope something would appear, they were disappointed. Eventually it was hoped it would run light engine up and down once as a test. But by then the station would be closed and I would be home eating my tea.

So lets evaluate this for a few minutes.

  1. They were not customers they were non-paying visitors.
  2. They expected in many cases that the railway would supply them with information on a regular basis.
  3. In one case the wanted the information by phone.

As I have said many times, but it can’t be repeated too often. The railway does not survive or expand on the non-paying public.

Heritage railway enthusiasts have amongst them a number who think it’s their god given right to be pampered to without paying a penny to the railway they are visiting.

The fact they often proudly tell me they are a member of a railway I have never heard of does not impress me. Them paying a few pounds each year for membership of the back of beyond light railway does nothing towards the running of our railway.

In simple terms if somebody visits our, or for that matter any railway just to photograph or look at the locomotives running and pays not a penny piece then they have to realise that if everybody did as they are doing then there would be no locomotives running to them to photograph or look at.