Monthly Archives: November 2015

Back to the future! Now where is the Delorean?

Now many who know me will be aware that one of the things that irritates me more than most is negativity.

Every organisation, be it with paid workers or volunteers has a smattering of people who always look on the dark side of things, funny enough many of them have been with the organisation years, they have seen highs and lows but they remain negative.

Well this years end of running season blog post is not going to look back over the past year, at the railway’s highs and lows, instead we are going to look forward to the next year and beyond.

The railway can’t move forward unless we stop looking back, we have no control of the past only control of the future.

I honestly believe that we will get better at what we do on the railway in 2016 and beyond, but we can only do that with positive thinking, so I don’t want members visiting the station going on about how bad they perceive things are as they look at a full train departing, I don’t want people lamenting that the discounts members get are not enough, I want some positive thinking. In simple terms if you can’t be positive then go and be negative elsewhere.

So, can you all as you sit at home rather than be at the railway give a thought to the work that will be going on behind the scenes and with the public during November & December. Give a thought to those on the civil’s work week who will be replacing the beams on the river bridge. Give a thought to the work going on in the office with Santa bookings and host of other things that are being done to keep the railway running. Give a thought to the people who will welcome again this year visitors to our Santa services, these services are a major source of not just income but also profit for the railway.

To paraphrase a saying that’s often said this time of year. The railway operates the whole year and not just on the sunny days in the summer when you turn up to do something you enjoy.

Please approach next year with a positive attitude, if there is anything that you’re not happy with, speak up! There are actually people who will listen, if you only speak to the right people. Don’t stand in view and hearing of the visitors moaning, they have enough troubles of their own, and have come out to enjoy themselves. Please remember if it were not for the paying public you would not be at the railway, because without them there would be no railway. If you feel a need to email somebody about anything your not happy with, or for that matter say how happy you are with something that’s happening then feel free to email me, my email address is (Modify the (at) part) robertmaskill(at) I guarantee you will always get an answer, it may not be the answer you want but it will be an answer, even if it only refers you to the departmental manager. When I was privileged to be elected as a member of the board and a trustee of the railway I promised I would work for better communication across the whole railway, and I intend to keep that promise.

I look forward to seeing many of you at Orton Mere and across the railway in 2016, if you feel like a natter then please pop into the station any running weekend from January onwards, we will be open for some of the Santa trains but we don’t know which ones yet.

Finally I would like to thank all the working members and paid staff without exception and who, through their efforts enable me to enjoy myself each weekend.