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Christmas comes but once a year and then it’s Easter

This year Easter was earlier than normal, that meant there was a good chance of the weather being dismal, damp and cold. The Easter weekend lived up to expectations.

The best day of the four weather wise was Good Friday where we actually saw some sunshine. Not a lot but we have learnt to appreciate the odd blast of sun at Easter over the years.

It will not go down as one of the most successful and busy weekends at the station but it will go down as one of the most varied.

On Friday Ben bought down one of his O Gage models and steamed it on a rolling road, now it did I must say provoke some interest from people passing and some on the train, but it did not encourage many to spend any money. But at least they now know where the station is!

As the weekend went on it became more windy and cold. Here is second service to Wansford on the Saturday. The image shows a rare bit of minor sunshine.


The most entertaining day of the weekend was Monday. Nathan was down from Yorkshire helping me and as normal he was like a Duracell Bunny on speed, though I must say he is not as pink and has no fur. Plus before you ask I have no idea where you stick the batteries.

Ben and a couple of others bought some models down of the Flying Scotsman, it was just a shame it was so quiet. Here is a picture of some of the display.


It was like an anoraks anonymous meeting, why do fans of trains, both model and full size huddle together when talking about trains? It is one of life’s puzzles I suppose. Ben got the largest of those above in steam late afternoon.

But the models were not the highlight of the day. That honour went to a semi submerged white van in the car park.

There we all were sitting having a natter between trains when a man poked his head round the door before coming inside. Whilst I was visually frisking him for signs of a wallet he explained that his van had become stuck in a flooded area at the rear of the car park. Before you ask what prompted him to drive through a flood and in the process become stuck in grass and mud I have no idea!!!!

It did not help that his jeans were wet up to his knees when he stood there asking for help. The keen ones or perhaps that should be the resident nut cases went over to see what further confusion they could cause. Me I just took the easiest option and phoned the rangers for some help. Here are pictures of the van tilted at a nice angle and also the cavalry in the shape of one of the park rangers.


I should point out at this stage that the first ranger was not successful and a second had to bring down a tractor, which succeeded in getting the vehicle out.

News of this event had flashed around social media complete with pictures and videos with the titanic theme in the background.

Despite all the excitement I failed to get any money out of the van driver who learnt the important lesson that vans don’t float very well.

So there you have an average Easter at the station. Never let it be said we have normal weekends, you never know what will happen next.

At the moment I am renting out space at a very good rate to a bag of firewood Nathan forgot to take with him. I hope he has a full piggy bank!!!


You could not see the cleaner for the lust, whoops make that dust.

Now some days can start off quite mundane and end up a blond bundle of fun so to speak.

Such was the latter part of today.

Now this story will be a little cryptic but those who were there will recognise the lad in question. The lad in question proved that you could go from pale to red quicker than of you had been kicked in your crown jewels. Actually he was so red when they last service to Peterborough came in the crew were unsure if they could pass him because of his red face.

And it was all due to one person prancing round the platform in front of a lens, the poor lad in question was tongue tied. I have not seen him so frightened since he came into the station without any money.

Arkwright had to leap to the rescue, well stagger actually but that fact would spoil a good story, anyway in the time it took the lad in question to roll his tongue back into his mouth and prop his jaw shut, in the space of that time I had found out from the source of his undisguised interest, their name, where they had come from and what they were doing, whist at the same time selling them and the person with them a cup of tea each, never let it be said I don’t put money first.

Then to top it all I even got the person in question to give the lad a hug. His face was brighter than a hi-viz. and certainly cleaner than the thought coming from his mind. There is truth in the rumour that he was shaking as the hug took place, either through excitement or the cold.

To let his face cool down a trip on the train to Peterborough was made, and as far as I can confirm there is no truth in the rumour that he took a shower under the water tower at city centre.

On his arrival back the object of his discomfort was still there and as the locomotive stopped his face went redder than an overheating brake disc.

But he calmed down when the person in question and their friend left.

Now it would be unfair not to show you a picture of what turned the lads brain to lust, whoops sorry that should be dust.


For those who hope for a repeat performance I regret that the person above is not on the staff of the station.


It’s a funny time of year.

Well here we are again with another post, yes I know I missed last week, but it was so unremarkable that a blank post would have been the most appropriate.

So what’s been happening I hear you ask. Well the answer to be honest is not a lot. We opened both days over the weekend but it was nothing special, because most of my trade is passing locals and they don’t come out whilst it’s cold we don’t start seeing many of them until about 3pm when with a winter service we are getting ready to go home after final service.

We don’t really kick off until Easter and afterwards.

Despite a steam service with a Black 5 the area was for most of both days very quiet. The river has burst it’s bank, and for the people who were about a minor flood was more entertaining than the railway.

Anyway, here is a picture of the Black 5 taken on Sunday.


As you can see we actually had sunshine.

After next weekend when we are just running Sunday we have Easter and we will then be busier, and my new kitchen should be finished this week as well. It’s all excitement.

NVR Volunteers Open Day


NVR Volunteer Open Day
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