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It’s been a funny couple of weeks.

The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted that I did not do a post last week.

The reason for this is simple, last week I was shut. The reason why I was shut is not so simple.

It was a normal Saturday, or as normal as any Saturday ever is at the station. One of the first jobs is to fill and switch on the urn, now it is important that you fill before switching on, getting it the wrong way round can cause problems especially if the cut out operates. Anyway before I get side tracked on some irrelevant rubbish I had better concentrate on the relevant rubbish. We turned the tap on with the kettle placed to catch the water, and nothing not a drop. We had no water, other than the stuff in the river and what was at that time falling from the sky. After a couple of unwilling volunteers had confirmed that the stop valve that some local person had previously switched off was on we went to plan “B” which was to wait for the delivery on the first train, put that away and close..

Anyway to cut a long story short, which is unlike me, it was all sorted out in the week by Keith from S&T. Now I know sorting out water problems is nothing to do with S&T unless it has stopped them having their intake of hot beverages. But I was not available all last week and Keith sorted it out with the skill of Sherlock Holmes, plus he had the help of the local water company. I am grateful to Keith for the work he put in last week in sorting the problem. I did promise him a mention in the blog, so here it is. Finally reference the work he put in there is no truth in the rumour he is getting a deerstalker hat and a blood hound, ready to sort out other problems around the railway.

So that brings us to this weekend, and what can I say other than….. It turned out cold!!!

Highlights of the weekend in no specific order.
A lovely Oriental lady who complemented me on the cleanliness of the station, especially the platform. I thanked her, patted her guide dog and pointed both towards the exit gate.
The six people who trotted onto the station and expected Newstead to be hauling the next service. I recommended they come back again in about five years!!
Then we had the woman who stood with her husband watching the Class 14 arriving hauling the second service, upon seeing it she remarked. “It’s not much to look at is it?” I just looked at her face and thought to myself, there are the words of an expert in nothing to look at.

Those being the highlights show what an exciting weekend it failed to be. The cold wind did not help, it kept the locals away and the urn once again full of water after last weeks drought was not under pressure.

All we can do now is await the excitement next weekend may bring……

Well that was a good weekend.

Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday saw the diesel gala take place at the railway.

Three days of grown adults sniffing the air and travelling on trains with a contented look on their face.

All in all it was a most enjoyable weekend. I don’t plan to go into great detail but suffice to say we have not had many better in the twelve years I have been on the railway.

The star of the show was the experimental HST, many runs were standing room only. Here is a picture of it leaving the station on the Saturday morning.


The nicest livery of the weekend must go to this class 47 in the Scotrail colours.


As always on a busy weekend there is no time to take pictures, the visitors are the first priority.

Here to finish off are a few other pictures.

100_1808 100_1809 100_1812

Now a week to recover before the steam services next Saturday & Sunday.