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We had some sun on Saturday

It’s true we actually had some sun on Saturday and it lasted all of 15 minutes. Against all odds we also had a train arrive as well, here is a picture of it!!


It’s fair to say that this summer is not turning out to be one of the best, if we get much more rain you may be able to purchase an ark on line.

So to take us back to previous years when we had sunshine here are a few pictures that have featured in previous blogs, showing how nice it could be.

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Half way there, almost.

Well looking at the calendar it’s hard to believe we are almost half way through the year, and in the not too distant future the phone lines will open for Santa bookings.

So what’s happened at the station in the first half of the year, the answer is not a lot really. Some things have changed and most have remained the same.

The new kitchen is making life much easier, there is so much more space to dump stuff, or so certain people would have me believe.

The painting is still not done, but steps are being taken to rectify that in the not too distant future all being well.

Our customers and visitors continue to amaze, amuse, frustrate and in some cases impress us. Before anybody asks the difference between a customer and a visitor is that a visitor is somebody who has not bought anything, and a customer is a visitor who has spent money.

One thing that is noticeable this year is the drop in the number of people who want timetables especially at special events, they mainly seem to come with them printed out off the web site or downloaded onto a device which is often smarter than they are. This of course will in the long run mean less cost to the railway. If only we could get the timetable collectors of all ages to print them out instead we would be home and dry!

We have also had some good events this year so far as well. The diesel gala was excellent as was the open weekend so people could see behind the scenes at the railway. Now I will freely admit I was sceptical about the open weekend, but I am pleased to say I was proved wrong and hopefully this will become a yearly event. It was a great success.

This weekend is a Gala weekend with the return of Thomas who will be pulling services between Wansford and Yarwell. Weather permitting we will be very busy and it will bring in much needed income to the railway. Watch this space after the weekend for a full rundown of the weekend from the perspective of my station.

Now back to looking at the shiny thing in the sky which is rumoured to be being replaced tomorrow by rain, we shall see.