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Watch out, Watch out there is a blue thing about.

Last Sunday saw the first Thomas big adventure for a few years.

It ran late!!!! Due to numerous circumstances, and not helped by the fact that local great and good in the city centre had emptied the water tower so the first service before Thomas had to wait for it to fill before it could take on water.

Here are a few pictures of the event of Thomas passing through Orton Mere.





Finishing off with a picture of the main service on second service.

It was an interesting weekend to say the least.



Summer is back

I am writing this on a Sunday evening having not long got back from the station.

It’s been a funny weekend, both days have been nice but today was the best of the two. But Saturday was busier, certainly in the shop.

The one thing the nice weather brings out is the crazies.

This weekend was no exception.

Let’s start with Saturday.

I was opening up when some chap passing with his dog, asked why I was opening on a Friday, I replied it was a Saturday, he asked if I was sure then wandered off. I came to the conclusion that the dog was more intelligent, and the dog did not make a sound.

Add to that two people in before 9.30am who, after looking in the ice cream freezer both asked if we sold ice cream and we know we are in for a fun day.

Sunday was no better, the gate onto the platform was locked and signs pointed people to the back door, we were having the fence and gate painted today.

To be honest I don’t know why I bothered with the signs, nobody read them and one tried to climb over the rope when the area was roped off while the painting was in progress.

Then we had the classic question, “Is this a steam train?” As it puffed into the station.

Both days we had a few competitors in the it’s hot so I dress like an idiot competition. Should we have had to actually select a winner then it would have been a photo finish between about ten people. Including on Sunday morning a woman in short shorts and a halter top walking past who was well past the wrong side of seventy. She looked like a brown lizard.

All in all a funny old weekend.



There is a glowing thing in the sky.

Well here we are, it’s a Monday morning and the sun is shining, the work is piling up and the garden needs sorting! Who says there is no choice in life.

Over the last year or so I have been keeping a note on which days have sunshine and which don’t. Now no prizes for guessing that more running days are cloudy than are sunny. Perhaps next year we should offer a dummy timetable to the weather gods?

We have just had a mixed weekend weather wise with a bit of sun, some showers and a lot of cloud. Sunday was actually a good day especially in the shop which is always welcome.

Just as first train was arriving we had three passengers come into the station, I informed them that they could pay on the train as I could not do the tickets if they wanted that train. One woman asked “Why are you here then?” My reply was, “To help those who don’t leave it until the last minute.” She burst out laughing and happily got on the train.

It seems a growing trend to leave things until the last minute or until it’s too late. A couple of months ago there were a family sitting in their car in the car park. The train arrived on time to the city and arrived back on time going back to Wansford. About ten minutes later the family got out of the car and came into the station to buy a family ticket. I informed them that the next train was in just over an hour. No said the father it’s in about five minutes. I showed him the timetable with the times. That’s wrong he said the train is always ten minutes late. He was not happy when he realised it had not only been on time but they had sat in their car and watched it both ways. They all left mumbling, we did not see them again. Funny enough the second service was about ten minutes late!!

Ah the joys of summer!!!