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Wot no blog?

The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted that there was no blog last week, well there is this week so stop moaning!!

We are coming rapidly to the end of the running season at the railway. It all normally winds down at the end of October. But this year we are running a couple of weekends in November with the Swedish Railcar, it will be interesting to see how busy we are.

This year has been a quiet year at Orton Mere, one of the factors has been the parking charges introduced in the main park area. Although the car parking at Orton Mere is free I think many don’t realise that and think that if they have to pay then they may as well pay at the main park where there are facilities.

The other big problem this year has been staffing, with some of the previous regulars either being ill, moving away or not being as committed to the railway for whatever reason we have at times been hard pressed to staff the station at weekends. With no chance of being able to open in the week.

As I have often said in the past I have better things to do than spend a chunk of my week finding staff, contrary to what many may think I do work in the week running my business and I don’t just sit playing with a computer all day!

Over the winter I will be looking at how we can rectify the problem, but it is not one that can be allowed to continue. I can’t staff a station with fresh air, though it must be said that with the pumping station across the carpark the air is not always fresh!

At some stage in the next three months, most likely when we are not running at weekends I will be looking for volunteers to help with a one day major clean of the station, it is starting to look a bit unloved. This will be on a Saturday or a Sunday, this is advanced warning I will be looking for volunteers!

Right a busy week ahead then we will see what next weekend brings!



Getting all steamed up.

Last weekend saw the steam gala, and whilst not one of the biggest we have done, it was most enjoyable. Despite the rain on Saturday.

Comments received from visitors were good as well, and the two guest locomotives were popular.

Saturday was almost dead visitor wise at my station, the locals don’t come out in the wet. Sunday saw some people travelling but we had more of the none paying public than we have had in a long time, at one time the numbers along the fence made it look like last night of the proms, minus the flags and the smiling faces. It’s a problem that we have at Orton in as much as people can get good pictures from the other side of the fence rather than come on the station where they can be approached and relieved of money.

This coming weekend sees a Diesel service with the Deltic and the class 31, seven services each way with the middle one going up the Fletton branch to Fletton Junction, hopefully that will be popular on both days.

Here are a few pics from the weekend, the dull wet ones are from Saturday, the others are from Sunday!!

cimg1554 cimg1550 cimg1549 cimg1546 cimg1542