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Almost there…..

Well this coming weekend sees the final normal services of the year, except for a couple of weekends in November where we are running the Swedish Railcar normal services will resume just after Christmas, with of course the Santa Trains from the end of November up to Christmas eve.

So what’s this year been like then from the perspective of the station.

Well, I think it’s fair to say it won’t go down as the busiest! But that’s due to may factors out the control of the railway. But to end the normal running season on a positive note I have enjoyed the year and a full report will appear on here sometime next week.

You watch it rain this weekend!!!!!



Branching out, Railcam Invasion, A load of drips and a little ray of sunshine

Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday saw the railways autumn diesel gala. It was a mixed weekend with the weather and extra activities all playing their part.

From the point of view of my station Orton Mere Friday was the busiest day of the three. We ran brake van rides up the Fletton Branch with two brake vans hauled by the Deltic. It was extremely popular with the visitors, I almost got cramp from writing out all the tickets for each of the eight runs we did. We did not have one complaint, just comments about how they had enjoyed it. All in all a success I think.

Now Saturday saw an invasion by some of the Railcam crowd, and it was nice to put faces to peoples names and chat with them in person. Here is a picture of some of them awaiting the arrival of a service to Peterborough on my platform 2. I will not say who looks as though they are having a doze vertically, I will leave that to your imagination.


If you want to learn more about Railcam then please have a look at their website at you can spend hours there being an anorak in the comfort of your own home. It is very addictive, you just ask Tom who was one of my helpers on Saturday, as soon as he was set up he gave his iPad battery a hammering.

Sunday was a day of two halves with the morning being very wet and the afternoon having some really nice bursts of sunshine. Here are a few pictures from Sunday, you can see how the weather changed through the day.

img_0047 img_0048 img_0049 img_0050 img_0051 img_0053 img_0054

Overall we had a good weekend at the station, and there were a nice number of passengers on most trains on all three days.

Certainly one of the most enjoyable ones I have experienced in my twelve years running the station. I only had three people all weekend ask why there was no steam running, that’s an all time low.

One other trend that continued was the lower number of visitors who wanted a copy of the timetable, most seemed to have it on either their table or their smartphone. Technology is overtaking the need for bits of paper, and I am sure the number wanting timetables on paper will drop each year, who know’s we may one day go paper free!!!!