Monthly Archives: January 2017

A new layout for the blog.

Well as you will have noticed the blog now has a new layout, I think the last one was looking a little dated.

The new layout also renders better on tablets and mobile phones.

As always comments are welcome on the layout. To comment please click on the title of a post, then you can enter your comments.

A funny day for a funeral.

Today was Greg’s funeral.

It would have appealed to Greg’s sense of humour to hold it on Friday the 13th. I can almost hear him chuckling about it.

The weather was cold and we woke up at 7am to light snow, which thankfully had disappeared by the time the funeral started at 2pm.

It was a biting wind across the crematorium grounds, I can never work out why a place that is supposed to be so calming and soothing to mourners can be so cold, desolate and unwelcoming in winter.

There was a good turnout of family, friends and others from the railway, and it was a good service. I was honoured that his sister in law had asked me if I wished to speak at the funeral, I hope my words did Greg justice, I received many positive comments on  my words from both the family and the other mourners afterwards.

The wake was held at Orton Mere station, which became almost a second home to Greg over the years. It was, considering the event a jolly occasion, with much chatting about Greg, it was nice to hear other peoples memories.

One thing I did realise was that Greg was a much liked and respected person, chatting to his extended family and people who he worked with I heard nothing but respect and love for the person we were remembering.

Greg will be missed by all the staff at the station, and he will be especially missed by me. My weekends will not be as enjoyable without him visiting the station.