Daily Archives: 18th April 2017

Typical Easter we even had a Tornado.

Well here we are getting back to normal after another exciting four day Easter.

It was about average, people said the weather was cold, they were expecting rain and on Sunday some were lamenting the shops were shut.

One thing will stand out though from the weekend at Orton Mere Station and that was we had some really nice people in, even the chap lamenting we did not have a diesel running. But in all fairness we did have a couple of contenders for idiot of the weekend award, but they were poor entries compared to what we have had in the past.

Some days were better than others from the point of view of timings, we did not feel the need on any day to just wipe the timing board clean and just chalk up GUESS!!! Through one day did come close.

We even contributed a religious moment to the Easter weekend on Monday when we had the none paying public re-enact the parting of the red sea through the platform gate after Tornado had arrived and gone. Some people can be pretty nippy on their feet when they realise there is a chance they may need to spend some money.

The main service on all four days was hauled by 92 Squadron, and a fair number were out each day to photograph it, with one eye on the viewfinder and the other looking out for people who might want them to spend something and contribute to the railway.

Tornado’s arrival on Sunday was viewed by a good number of people, and I would guess that about 50% actually spent some money.

Here are a couple of pictures, one of 92 Squadron and one of Tornado.

You can see it was not the brightest of weekends.

Ah well a Tornado weekend next weekend, so hopefully we will be busy. I am running a book on how many people on the back of Tornado recently doing 100mph on the main line who will ask if it will be repeated on the NVR. Get your bets in now.