Daily Archives: 17th May 2017

Always look on the bright side of a weekend.

Well here we are on a wet Wednesday afternoon and I am looking back at last weekend for the inspiration for this blog post.

It was shall we say an interesting weekend, we had a mixture of everything, sun, rain, wind, cloud, the odd customer and trains.

Without doubt we have had more successful events than the small loco weekend, but you have to try things to see if they work or not.

The weekend consisted of small industrial locos both steam and in one case a diesel chugging up and down the line, pulling normal and local services, freight and brake vans. Now thats a decent choice, but it just did not jell for some reason.

Many people like to see big steam locomotives when they visit or even large diesels at a pinch, but I am not sure of little tank engines. Visitors seem to have very strange memories of how things used to be back in what people fondly call “The Good Old Days.”

Little tank engines were the bread and butter of many rural lines and not every line had a big locomotive tearing up and down with the crew waving friendly greetings to all those in sight as they went past golden meadows full of cows or sheep bathed in bright sunshine.

But people forget this. I don’t know are heritage railways perhaps to blame by promoting big shiny locomotives over the smaller stuff that in reality chugged up and down many many lines?

We are not a first and foremost a tourist attraction, we are primarily a working museum where visitors, who may or may not be tourists can if they wish, experience a train ride behind an old locomotive. It’s easy in the fight for cash to forget this.

So here are a few pictures from the weekend where we ran a part of history that is often forgotten as we see on TV yet another story of some over rated large locomotive zooming up or down the main lines on the network.