Daily Archives: 5th June 2017

Forty Years and Counting

On the 1st June 2017 Nene Valley Railway celebrated it’s 40th anniversary, and over the weekend of 3/4th we ran an enhanced service for the visitors to mark the occassion.

It was the most enjoyable weekend I have seen on the railway for a long time. The weather was just right, we had nine services each way on both days at Orton Mere including terminating services. We had Royal Scot, 92 Squadron and the Deltic spend time with us so that meant that people had plenty of time to take all the images they wanted.

From a money perspective I can say without doubt it will have been a very successful weekend for the railway, at Orton Mere on Saturday I had one of my days ever for sales in the 13+ years I have been running the station.

There were however a few shocks along the way, I had a couple of visitors describe the new look interior of Orton Mere station building as “Quaint.” Now I will be the first to admit I can think of many words over the time I have been at the station used to describe it and Quaint has never ever been amongst them.

The old codgers corner with the two armchairs is proving very successful with a couple of people dozing off over the weekend whilst sitting in the arm chairs!

Over the weekend we only had one miserable ungrateful and frankly rude visitor. Shame it was a member!!

I did not have time at the weekend to take pictures but here are a couple from Friday when Royal Scot was out on driver experience.

I would like to thank all those who helped at the station over the weekend, no matter how much or little time you were able to give your assistance was very much appreciated. My thanks also to any of the visitors who read this for supporting the railway. Without the paying visitors there would be no Railway.

However, if you are one of the people who came along, took pictures and bought or donated nothing then shame on you, all the people who did spend money subsidised your visit. Please remember that next time you visit the railway.

Back to normal next weekend, or as normal as we ever are at Orton Mere.