Daily Archives: 14th June 2017

Back in the quiet lane.

Well, after the previous weeks 40th anniversary weekend last weekend was bound to be quieter.

It was aThomas weekend so we had a fair number of people off to ride on the Thomas shuttle from Wansford to Yarwell.

One thing that special events always show is that people seem to not have either the desire or the ability to read information. Full details of what was happening was on the web site, but as always it was obvious from the start that the majority of people had selectively read the information provided.

If I had one pound for every person that though Thomas was coming the whole length of the line and pulling all services then I would be a very wealthy man.

The same goes for train times generally, we get a few a month who will look at the chalk board outside with the train times on and then come and ask when the next train is.

Last Sunday was a diesel service for the main train and that was clearly stated on the board outside, but I lost count of the number of people when muttered Oh it’s a diesel I thought it was steam today when each service arrived.

Having said that I did hear one visitor on Saturday mutter that he thought it was diesel when the steam hauled service arrived. Just goes to show whatever you do somebody will be disappointed. It is I suppose just a fact of life.

One thing I have noticed this year is that we have more families just wandering round, looking at what’s in the area and not spending a penny between them. The adults and their off springs just wander about for an hour or so and then disappear heaven knows where.

This coming weekend is forecast to be hot and sunny I gather, well based on previous experiences I had better prepare for rain.